Yesterday I had to go to Carrefour, Mid Valley to change some stupid clothes hanger/dryer that broke even before I started using it. It was of such bad quality, it came off at two parts and the colour at the sides comes off my hands whenever I happen to touch it. Hmmm…. another case of too much lead in paints? There has been many cases of toys being recalled recently for this reason, the latest being Thomas the train.

Anyway, since I was there I decided to check out The Gardens. I only managed to go to Robinsons because it was late in the evening when I got there. Will have to check out Isetan another time. This is my impression.

With two such excellent anchors ie Isetan and Robinsons, I think The Gardens will do rather well. The other key anchor is Marketplace by Cold Storage. I think The Gardens is supposed to be a bit more upmarket compared to the older phase of Mid Valley. However, I did not get that impression. I got the impression that it had been completed rather hurriedly just in time to catch the Raya shoppers. The floors were a bit dusty (I even saw a crack on a tile) not spick and span and shiny to give it the classy look it should have for a new phase especially an upmarket one. Its completed but has an uncompleted look. My children liked the stars in the ceiling at one end of the mall.

Robinsons was nice though. At least it was spick and span and shiny in there. The staff were very courteous and friendly. Everyone greeted you whenever you walked passed and asked if they could help. I hope they can keep this up. Some of them approached us to sign up for their card. Wah! So fast. Cannot afford so I gently declined.

In the gents department I saw several men shopping for attire. Hmm… I would have thought that it would be the ladies going there in droves since everyone always seems to equate shopping to ladies. I guess men like to check out new departmental stores too, not only ladies. 😉

Too bad time did not permit me to check out Isetan. I will have to go back another day for that. I saw in the floor layout plan that Isetan takes up 4 floors on one side of The Gardens, whereas Robinsons takes up 3 floors on the other side. Nice.

Some tenants which I am looking out for but aren’t open yet are the Borders bookshop and Gurney Drive with hawker like stalls. I do miss the Gurney Drive in Penang so I hope this one won’t disappoint. There will also be a 2201 Fashion Avenue showcasing our local designers. Interesting. Not I can afford designer wear but I can ogle can’t I? Theres also a boutique cinema but I haven’t entered a cinema in years so I am not that interested in it.

I don’t know about Isetan but Robinsons is offering a 20% discount to shoppers for purchases worth RM200 and above.

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