I’m going to lose 5 pounds in 5 months

Thats my October resolution. (Who says you can make resolutions only at the beggining of the year?) I make mine throughout the year.

So who’s going to join me? Join lah. The more (I don’t mean more pounds) the merrier. I mean the more loss of pounds collectively from everyone, the merrier. Haha.

Must be the weekend looking at all those slim models parading and sashaing around that gives me the motivation. Or it could be shopping and being unable to fit into any of the clothes that I like. That always gives me renewed motivation.

Blogging about losing weight usually helps me lose weight. It gives me more determination. However, even with more determination, I became stuck at a certain weight  so now I have to work harder. At my peak after birth I was 145 pounds. I lost about 10 pounds slowly. After blogging about it in Oct 2005 I lost another 10 pounds. Then I became stuck there since Aug 2006 till now.

I’m thinking about body hugging cheongsums for Chinese New Year or being slim enough to fit into a 7 jeans and denim design so its time to work harder. I need to get rid of my Ah Soh looking arms and flabby thighs. So who’s going to join me? Join lah! ;) We’ll lose lots and lots of weight collectively. Now wouldn’t that be nice? If you want to join come and drop me your link.

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7 thoughts on “I’m going to lose 5 pounds in 5 months

  1. 5pound = 2.26kgs, that was the born weight of my little Alvan. I not sure what is my weight now, but I can see that my spare tyre getting bigger, from 14″ tyre to 15″ lol…lets work hard 😉

    Hahaha. I haven’t taken out my measuring tape, only the weighing machine. What the tape will reveal in inches is even more scary. Lol!

  2. Just eat less of everything? Sure ah? No need to exercise?

    Can. Can. I tried before. Exercise like mad also no effect one. Eat less has better results. I exercise for the sake of health not beauty.

    BTW, you oso want to join ar? kekekeke.

  3. Wow..!! add oil ya..!! i await your good news..! i have absolutely no determination..plus already got no good food to eat.. feel so deprived already.. so cannot join you .. boohoohoo..!

    Thank you for the encouragement.

  4. Count me in!!! Just tell me what to do and don’t say eat less of everything nia, more tips please!!

    Wait hor. Tips coming up next! But please don’t slack. In order to meet our target, you are supposed to start yesterday. (Eat less of everything, I mean).

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