Paypal Trouble

This morning when I logged into my Paypal account to accept my payments I was surprised to see that out of the several payments from various sources that I received today, some showed the status of “complete” even though I hadn’t pressed the accept button yet. So I immediately wrote to support.

However as I was accepting my first payment, upon completion, I saw that the rest turned into the “complete” status even though I hadn’t accepted them yet. So I had to write another email to support.

I read that Malaysians can now receive Adsense payments via direct transfer to our bank accounts and Paypal payments with the  use of debit/credit cards with some local banks. That is great news. As usual, I will wait for the big big tai kor and tai soh to carry out their transactions before I try out. Hehe.

Anyway, back to Paypal, has anyone had this problem before? I wonder if there is a bug in the system or there is unauthorised use of my account. What a lousy way to start a day.

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  1. lilian says:

    Gud mah, saves you from clicking accept. Long long I no more do that lor, since I got the VMI card. I mean no need to clear payments.

    I heard the Western Union (middleman between Google
    Adsense and our bank) charges are high. So, I will stick to my cheques, RM10 only.

    The debit card, I haven’t applied but Bryan said don’t use credit card because when we withdraw the credit card will charge very high percentage, some told me 5%. More expensive than chettiar.

    Oh gud. Tai Kah Cheh is here. Itu macam ah. Like that better stick to slow as snail check and chettiar lah. Paypal says they charge USD5 for withdrawal. So this 5% fee is it being charged by the credit card company or wut?

  2. helen says:

    I can understand your fear. I dun have alot in Paypal but I’ve heard enough MIA stories to scare me. Thankfully in your case it’s just funds being accepted… not otherwise. 🙂

    I’ve tried to withdraw a little money into my credit card just to see how’s the conversion rate. It’s still under process..

    Since I’m paying the Astro and electricity bills monthly with my card, I guess I won’t have to withdraw it. Just habis everything. lol

    Oh, do keep us updated on that credit card progress. At this moment, I have a chettiar which I am happy with so I don’t mind paying him instead of the bank. My paypal account says there will be a charge of USD5 for withdrawal. I wonder if there are any hidden fees apart from that. Will you let us know? Using you as guinea pig. Hehe.

  3. Rachel says:

    Thanks for sharing, at first I thought is only me having the problem ;). Now relief.

    Oh Phew. So I’m not the only one? BTW, did you notice whether your amount increased even tho you didn’t accept? I’m afraid I didn’t pay attention to my balance amt. So careless of me.

  4. amos says:

    I noticed the same for my account too. Since the amount reflected in my overall account balance, I’m not too worried.
    Yes, great news for all since PayPal allows us to withdraw to our cards. I believe the exchange rate will depend on the banks conversion, so don’t expect money changer rate.

    Amos, Thank you for that info. I did not pay attention to my balance so I didn’t know whether its reflected in my balance. Another thing, when we withdraw to credit card, apparently the bank will charge us for advance money withdrawal from ATM using credit card even though the money is actually debited from PayPal.

  5. pablopabla says:

    If the total balance increase then good lor. Otherwise, tear hair liao.

    Hmm….Lilian mentioned that WU’s charges are expensive. I wonder if she got the details. LIliannnnn!!!!!

    Patience. Patience. She notchet go to the bank yet. Lol!

  6. Montessorimum says:

    All the payment has been accepted automatically too… Didn’t know it should be a problem, more over I thought i was because I have recently added in a US bank account to my paypal account. Eh..chettiar charge how much ah??

    If you have a US account, then what for you need chettiar?

  7. chinnee says:

    i experience the same too, with one accepted, the rest accepted automatically 🙂 Nice to hear that soon we can have money from Paypal into our bank account here soon 🙂

    Its not into our bank account but into our credit card accounts actually but I heard that the fees by the banks issuing the credit card are high.

  8. Immomsdaughter says:

    I have been using the VMI card since long ago 😛 So, no issue here. Though the charges are quite high, I would rather withdraw then let the $$$ sit in Paypal.

    No, I don’t let it sit in Paypal either. Its too tempting to spend! Lol!

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