I’m really behind in tags till I can’t remember who tagged me on what! Sorry lah folks. Theres only that many hours in a day. Hehe. However, I will remember the awards though. So vain hor. So a big thank you to Montesssorimum who gave me the following awards.

1. The smile award because she says I make her smile. 🙂

Well, you make me smile too! And so do you

  • Adrian who writes in such a candid, frank and unreserved manner and you….
  • Sasha whom I think is very farnee and a happy go lucky type and….
  • Fatty Poh who makes me smile whether she blogs or or not  

There are many more which make me smile too but I think they’ve got the smile award from others before me.

2. The Creative Blogger Award because she says I write inspiring posts. 🙂

Ahem! Thank you. Thank you. I only wish I could inspire myself when I need instant inspiration but blogging allows me to try to do that ie. inspire and motivate myself by talking to myself. Instead of talking to my head, I talk on my blog. Lol!

As for creativeness, I do enjoy writing poems so I’ll accept in that area. However, I often get comments about how creative I am in doing my children’s crafts. Well, I’ve said time and again that most of the ideas can easily be sourced from books and the internet and they are not all my own. I just improvise on them a little sometimes, that is all. 🙂

For real creativeness as a blogger, I think the award should go to


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