“Laughter is the best medicine” ….. when the going gets tough.

I am down today because I learned that my good friend has to be evacuated due to the wildfires near her home. At the same time I discovered that another good friend has to make a tough decision on whether to have a hysterectomy to control cancerous growth.

My friend tells me that we have to learn to laugh at ourselves. Yes, we do that, don’t we? Laughter is our coping mechanism. We crack silly jokes and use humour to cope when the going gets tough. I could do with a good dose of humour right now.

I hope that my friend will find her home intact when the fires have settled and I hope that my other friend will have the wisdom and strength to make the right decision at this very difficult time and that she will be in good health.

I have other troubles too but they are little compared to what they have to go through right now.

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