The World’s Largest Covered Bird Park

KL Bird Park










Took the kids to the KL Bird Park recently. Also known as the “The World’s Largest Free Flight Aviary” it certainly houses a large collection of birds. They look well fed too. I could see that they were feeding on papayas, corns, bananas and other fruits. Yum yum. The fruits do not look like discards. They look fresh and good.

The birds were used to tourists I suppose because they flew about freely right before our faces. Some of them were really colorful and some looked like they were wearing pretty headdresses. Now, I know where some designers get their ideas. The colors were really beautiful and striking. Bright hues of red, yellow, turquoise, blues, greens, purple and pink. There were quite a number of peacocks too and one of them decided to showoff to us, spreading its beautiful tale wide open. It was quite a sight to behold.

To my amusement, I saw a signboard in front of some green leafy plants. There was a brief description about the plant. The signboard labelled it as the Malaysian Ginseng. It was a Tongkat Ali plant. Hahahaha. Well, I guess it belongs in a bird park alright since its suppose to treat another type of “bird”. Lol!

Since its Friday, those of you who have kids and have not been there before can consider going there for the weekend. Its RM30 for adults and free for kids under 3. Can’t remember how much it is for kids above 3 but if you flash them your MyKad, you get a discount so your ticket costs only RM12 for an adult. Please forgive me if I get the ticket prices wrong. My memory isn’t quite what it used to be. 😛

There! Done my bit for Malaysian tourism. Happy Weekend to everyone. 

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4 thoughts on “The World’s Largest Covered Bird Park

  1. “bird flew freely right before our face”
    When I read this, the 1st thing across my mind is bird’s poo poo. Recently my car ‘kena’ lots.

    Yah I know, I kena those before while jogging. 😛

  2. sigh…feeling guilty! I din even know there’s such a place in KL! Maybe I shud bring my boy there when he’s slightly older…

    I didn’t know it too. My S’porean sis-in-law took me. Hahaha.

  3. Yes I’ve passed by that place before and I was actually surprised that our Bird Park has such a high profile, internationally. Sad to say, I haven’t been in there before. LOL…

    Don’t be sads. Bring gf there to paktor loh.

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