“If you have nothing nice to say don’t leave a comment”  This should be the silent rule of blogging but it is not. One of the bad things about having a blog is the fact that you open yourself up to uncalled for criticisms. You don’t get that in a personal diary but you get that on an online personal diary.

In my 3 years of blogging I have never received a negative comment probably because I am usually careful about what I write. I have also never left any negative comments on anyone’s blog because I believe that if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it. 

Yesterday an anon called me selfish.

Here is what she said in response to this old post of mine.

“ I think your comment about not asking grandparents to help out is rather selfish. My mum lost my dad three years ago and all she lives for now is the grandchildren. She loves being with them, especially when it’s just her and them, and if I didn’t ask her to help out from time to time her life would be pointless. I know lots of grandparents who live far from their kids and it tears them apart. It’s good for the kids too to know their grandparents really well before it’s too late. “

I think that it is an uncalled for comment and the anon obviously did not understand my post. I did not say that children should not interact with their grandparents.

Oh well, I guess that as a public blogger, you will always be open to these kinds of remarks when someone reads your online journal. A blog is afterall a personal diary and as in any personal diary, you will put in your own views which may sound self righteous to others who do not know you or follow your blog.

Those who follow my blog will know that I do not like the idea of leaving kids to be cared for by maids and elderly parents. By this I mean to allow maids or elderly parents to take over most aspects of child caring like feeding, washing backside or changing dirty diapers, wiping vomit, bathing, toilet training, and dealing with whining, pleadings, tears, endless questions, temper tantrums etc etc ie the hard part. To me, the hard part of child caring should be over for our elderly parents. They have done their part and now their part as grandparents is to play with and interact with our children ie in doing the fun part of child caring and dote on the grandchildren and NOT look after them fulltime.

Those who follow my blog will also know that I understand that sometimes personal situations may not permit any other arrangements. But then here comes an anon who does not follow my blog, who reads only one blog post and then calls me selfish based on my personal view which she obviously did not understand. I am irked. Yes I am. I guess this is the part of blogging which is not so fun.


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