Do you read trashy women’s magazines? You know, the kind which don’t really have any articles of substance, only pictures of clothing, shoes, handbags, cosmetics, more shoes and handbags and cosmetics and articles like “How I stole my best friend’s boyfriend” blah blah blah?

Well, I read them. They are especially useful in the following areas or circumstances….

  • in the toilet while doing big business or pretending to do big business but really hiding from the kids
  • outside the toilet while waiting for the kids to do theirs
  • in any place where you have to take a number and wait hours (Tip:If you’re going to govt offices or other places where theres none readily available, best to anticipate and bring your own)
  • at the hairdressing salon (if is a long visit like having a perm, can go through several during the several hours you have to endure for beauty’s sake. I hate having my hair done.)
  • in the bus or plane but not car (in car read can pening dunno why)
  • at the clinic (although I’m usually more careful with those if they look well read – takut germs)
  • to win contests (its extremely easy to win something if you write in. Have won jewellery, watches, cosmetics, vouchers etc…)
  • to get goodie bags

So, on a weekend morning, I dragged hubby and two sleepy kids along with me to collect a goodie bag from The Malaysian Women’s Weekly at Robinsons. Hehe. Hubby looks at the snake long queue and says “Huh? So many people read this magazine ah.” Hehe. After collecting my goodies and shopping, I then dragged hubby and the reluctant kids along to spin the wheel for a chance to win some more goodies. Hahaha. Unfortunately, no such luck ler. Only won a voucher which hubby promptly threw away. “What for you need this?” I surely don’t but I still enjoyed the thrill of anticipation of winning. Hehe. Then he added “Are you disappointed you didn’t win anything. Don’t be lah…”

Still not satisfied, I then demanded that he gave me the receipt of our purchase so that I could clip it to a contest form and enter a contest for more chance of winning. “Eh, what if we need the original receipt to return the product?” Seeing my dissapointed face, he said “Oklah nevermind, go and submit your contest form.”

His verdict at the end of the trip. “You dragged me all the way here on a weekend morning to collect dunno what and we spend even more money!” and then he shakes his head and smile. My verdict. Woohoo! He loves me! (although he seldom says it in words, only in actions like this) He accompanies me to do all these silly things sportingly. Hehe. I wonder if I will win anything. No need first prize. Last prize also nevermind. Lol!

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