Packing Therapy

I’ve often heard of retail therapy. Got a tiff with your spouse? Go for retail therapy. Bored with daily routine? Go for retail therapy. Stressed out? Go for retail therapy. (Retail therapy = shopping=Yahoo! Yippee!)

But then retail therapy is expensive. It’ll burn a hole in your pocket. The angrier or the more upset or stressed up you are, the bigger hole it will burn. Besides for a SAHM like me, I can’t afford retail therapy so I do packing therapy instead? Whats that?

Packing therapy is packing and throwing. First you have to find the time to do it because once you get going and you build up the momentum, its hard to stop. Pack anything you like. Clear up old cupboards and drawers. Pack and give away old books, CDs, clothes, toys. Throw away old underwear (don’t give away those for goodness sakes). Remember when people were asked to donate for the Tsunami victims, they found lots of old underwear among the items, not just old but torn ones, with holes in them! Tsk! Tsk!

Yes, packing therapy is certainly much cheaper. Besides, once you’re done packing, you can sit back, relax, feel much happier about saying goodbye to clutter (for a time), and…….. pave the way for some real retail therapy. Hehe. So anyone want to join me in a cleaning and packing spree?

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4 thoughts on “Packing Therapy

  1. Haiyo…. you dont get me started on this. I cant stop wann…. sigh. I’m married to a vainpot cum packrat. He buys more than i do, uses more space than i do, accumulate more crap than i do, and i get more work than he does. Where got fair lidat. And dont be sad over the PR and the crappy RealRank thingy. Move on to greener pastures. New blogs perhaps??

    You pack he buy, you throw, he buy summore. Aiyoo. Kesian you. Lol! New blog sounds good but I just renewed for another year for this one and if only I had more time for more blogs…..Hmm… I think I need some packing therapy.

  2. I’ve never heard of this before – for me, it’s torture, rather than therapy! Hehe I’m the scrubbing type, like Leah above. And hubby wishes he gets me angry more often coz then the house gets cleaned more!

    P/S I’m getting more of a culture shock from the new the SAHM role than from the new country, esp in terms of planning recipes for the week! Any advice for this newbie???

    Well, I cook just one meal a day ie lunch and reheat for dinner and if I can could one-dish meals, I would. Hehe. Another thing, housework is never as important as family so when you need to, let the housework rest.

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