Well lets see…

  • My symptoms came on suddenly
  • I feel feverish
  • I don’t have a runny nose
  • I have a slight sore throat
  • I have a dry unproductive cough
  • I feel very tired and fatigued
  • I have bad body aches

According to this flu or cold symptoms chart, it looks like I’m having the flu. Baby had it first, then my girl, now me. Aarrgh! I hate this merry go round of sickness. Happens all the time. Next time someone gets sick in the house, I must quarantine them. 😛

All the articles I read say that you don’t need antibiotics for a cold or flu and yet everytime I see the doc when I have a cold or a flu, the doc would prescribe antibiotics. Hmmm…. so how? To take or not to take?

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