I have to admit it. I’m a blog junkie. The other day, I was trying to change my blog template for my blog for mothers (new and not so new mothers). I was still using the old blogger because, well, simply because old habits die hard (or rather because I am afraid of change).

I finally got round to switching and finding a new template which I liked and then…..just as I started the change, I could not access Blogger. Arrrgggh! Thumps Chest! Pulls hair! I was incensed! I could not get to continue to do the changes to all my customization. Meaning, I had a plain blog without all the scripts and codes I had put in over time.

I kept on checking but still I could not access Blogger and I was really frustrated. Hahaha. What a silly blog junkie I am. I finally went to sleep and did the changes the next day. I don’t think I’ve finished putting in everything but I wonder how many people are like that. When you do a change to your blog, do you have to complete the changes in one session or go mad thinking about all the codes that are no longer running on your blog? (Like I did) Lol!

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