Change begins from me

Change starts from within and change begins from me. Remember that Michael Jackson song that goes “Take a look at yourself and make that change.” I wonder why that guy can write lovely lyrics but his life don’t reflect it but I digress again.

Anyway, I find that after becoming a parent, everything that I do no longer affects me alone. My actions affect my little ones. And if I want to change a certain behaviour or routine in the house then I have to start the ball rolling. The change has to begin with me!

I have to be the one to set the example. I have to be the one to change first, whether its a behaviour or a routine. Thats a really tough act. Its a heavy responsibility and I must take this responsibility seriously because I have young charges who are dependant on me and who look up to me.

What am I trying to change now? Waking up early! Yaawwwwn!

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  1. dolphine says:

    Gosh, getting up early is tough.

    I’ll only get up early if I have to go to work, even when I was pregnant with Max, I could still get up early, like 7 or 8. Natalie followed my routine, and if I slept past 9, she would wake me up.

    Now that Max is here, I could hardly get up early like I used to for the past 3 weeks, since every 3 hours have to get up. Or maybe I need to sleep early instead of 1 or 2am.

    Ah yes, I remember those early breastfeeding newborn days where I hardly got any sleep round the clock every day. Once, I even fell asleep while expressing milk. Haha.

  2. flsam says:

    Hi, Thanks for stopping by at my blog. You have many nice blogs. I shall come by whenever I hop around. 🙂

    Thanks. I wish I had more time to hop around blogs too then I would certainly hop over to yours more often. 🙂

  3. sharlydia says:

    Totally agree with u…I felt the same eversince i became a mum myself…

    Waking up early? It was difficult for me & hubby when baby started on the routine where he sleeps around 8pm & wakes up around 7am everyday (we trained him that way). But now, hubby & I have both got used to it…indeed enjoying it…

    Well, I am sure that you are happy that you “invested” in that training. 🙂

  4. Nomadic Mom says:

    I am also trying to wake up early and STAY up. At the moment, I wake up…wake my boys up for school, but after they go onto the bus, I go back to bed till about 9.30 am or sometimes even 10.30 am! So..what’s the secret in staying up??? Sleeping early doesn’t work for me.

    Whats the secret in staying up?….hmm… hmm…. how about blogging?? Hehe.

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