Dear Blogger Friends,

Thank you very much for your support and ideas about what to do when someone copies and tries to make a carbon copy of your site. I just checked and it looks like my posts have been removed from the site. Yippee!

Special thanks to Klaw for his tips. Mr BengBeng, maybe you’d like to try it too for the carbon copy of your My Longkang blog.

Now, I wish someone would tell me what to do with a stalker. I have had someone who arrives on my blog by searching for the term “mumsgather”. This person is from Singapore and has been doing it for the past 2 years.

I see it on my statcounter referrals and it really gives me the creeps to see this person on my blog everyday for a few hours each day for the past 2 years. Sometimes the entry is every minute. Even I don’t monitor my own blogs that frequently. Creepy! Creepy! Creepy!

Check out this link to my stats (sorry if this link is not working for you please refer to the paragraph below) for my Parenting Times blog. Can you see that there is someone entering my blog via the search term “mumsgather” every few minutes? This has been happening every day for the past 2 years now. It happens on all my blogs but mostly the Parenting one. Creepy? What to do?

I’m sorry I couldn’t do a screenshot well and my link didn’t work. You’d have to first go to my Parenting Times blog, wait for the page to fully load, then scroll right down right to the very bottom. After the bottom border you’ll see a “View my stats” (on grey blackground). Then look for the “Recent Keyword Activity” on the blue sidebar located on the left and click on that and you will be able to see what I am talking about. (I hope!)

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