Copycat blogger case resolved, now how to deal with blog stalker?

Dear Blogger Friends,

Thank you very much for your support and ideas about what to do when someone copies and tries to make a carbon copy of your site. I just checked and it looks like my posts have been removed from the site. Yippee!

Special thanks to Klaw for his tips. Mr BengBeng, maybe you’d like to try it too for the carbon copy of your My Longkang blog.

Now, I wish someone would tell me what to do with a stalker. I have had someone who arrives on my blog by searching for the term “mumsgather”. This person is from Singapore and has been doing it for the past 2 years.

I see it on my statcounter referrals and it really gives me the creeps to see this person on my blog everyday for a few hours each day for the past 2 years. Sometimes the entry is every minute. Even I don’t monitor my own blogs that frequently. Creepy! Creepy! Creepy!

Check out this link to my stats (sorry if this link is not working for you please refer to the paragraph below) for my Parenting Times blog. Can you see that there is someone entering my blog via the search term “mumsgather” every few minutes? This has been happening every day for the past 2 years now. It happens on all my blogs but mostly the Parenting one. Creepy? What to do?

I’m sorry I couldn’t do a screenshot well and my link didn’t work. You’d have to first go to my Parenting Times blog, wait for the page to fully load, then scroll right down right to the very bottom. After the bottom border you’ll see a “View my stats” (on grey blackground). Then look for the “Recent Keyword Activity” on the blue sidebar located on the left and click on that and you will be able to see what I am talking about. (I hope!)

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  1. lilian says:

    LOL, some people have all the luck! I hope you solve the mystery soon.

    But lots of ppl stalk your blog everyday wut, me included. The mystery has remained unsolved for 2 years so dunno lah, I tired adi, dun care anymore.

  2. Elaine says:

    That person who copied your blog earlier is from S’pore, u think is the same person??? It’s really creepy…why need to stalk on your blog???

    The amount of time spent on my blog each day is much more than what I spend on my blog. Wait hor, let me check. For example, its 5.00pm now and the stalker has spent 4 hours 44 minutes and 41 seconds so far today. Alamak, 4444 number pulak.

  3. Mama BoK says:

    Wow..!! so famous..!! got stalker..!!
    come stalk me please.. Mr stalker.. !! muahahahaha!!

    You sure you want ah. The IP address is registered with Singnet in Queenstown S’pore. Your relative ah. Hahaha.

  4. sweetiepie says:

    Alamak!why this happen to you..Actually I don’t understand why this stalker want to copy your mean they try to copy what you write?is it?Hope everything resolve now!:)

    No, the stalker reads for a few hours each day without commenting *hair rising*, the copier copied my blog posts lock, stock and barrel and tried to pass it off as theirs.

  5. Vien says:

    I had a blog stalker too..1st time he took over some of my older posts (authorship); luckily, with some help, I was able to kick him far far..but I guess not far enough. 2nd time he tried to register into my WP. Cilaka! I quickly ban him (again). So, I’m resorting to changing my p/w often. I tell you, kicik meow blogger like me also have stalker..I can imagine, famoust blogger like you would have more..hehe..

    Tried to take over authorship?! Oh No. Thats awful. Eh, I oso kicik meow la…

  6. JO-N says:

    I wonder why people steal blog contents.

    Usually for the money they can earn from ads. The stealing of the content is automated so they can earn without doing much. Money is definitely one motivation but I don’t know why anyone would want to steal blog contents otherwise.

  7. JO-N says:

    When I post Trinity’s blog URL, my comment doesn’t show. I wonder why. So, I can’t post it here. If you still want to read Trinity’s posts, go to my blogroll and search for her name. Sorry for the trouble.

    No trouble at all. Thank you for your trouble. 🙂

  8. sweetiepie says:

    oh!now i know what is stalker want.I am still new in blogging world so don’t really understand i know.:)

    Actually, I still have no idea what the stalker wants. The copier wants to copy content to make profit out of other ppl’s content but the stalker? I don’t know.


  9. Jasmine says:

    Har! Cheemm Man!! Well, I think I should be quite safe as I don’t write so well (even with my pp).. hahahah…

    I think I’m easy to copy b’cos I’m annonymous with no personal photos.

  10. Shireen says:

    Hey, so sorry to hear about the copycat. How did you find out? Anyways, as long as it is solved.
    Alamak!! There’s stalker some more..Haih, looks like ladies are not ‘spared’ even in the blogsphere..:-(

    Aiyah. I thot it was resolved but then now I see the link is still active and picking up my latest posts. Sigh!

  11. Elaine says:

    I just found out that I also kena…posts being copied into a spam blog. Now I also need to find out how to deal with this stealer..can share ah??? very furious!!

    I wrote to google and to the webhost and put up that stupid fake post but none of that seem to have helped. At first, I saw that the posts had been removed but now they are back and still taking my latest posts. Dunno what else to do…

  12. Rachel says:

    How do know if it a stalker and copycat? I never check the stat le

    For the stalker, my stats shows someone coming into my blog regularly from the same ip address, several hours everyday, much more time then what I spend on my blog. For the copier, I found out by accident when this blog picked up its incoming link.

  13. mom2ashley says:

    yikes..creepy creepy! I think i better change my stats counter … current one does not give as much info as yours…

    I like my current one. Love to watch the search terms that brings visitors in. Haha.

  14. allthingspurple says:

    This is the first time i heard about blog stalker. Hope you kicked the copy cat far far away, Mumsgather. Wasnt there a copycat blogger from MMB’s forum once? wonder if she still does that

    The copycat is still around. 🙁

  15. KittyCat says:

    You can even check if the visitor comments??? I’ve noticed a certain IP address visiting for a long time too but didn’t think too much of it. I can’t think of a solution either…

    Here’s a *nice* pressie for you this Christmas!

    Thanks for the nice pressie. BTW, my solutions didn’t work either….

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