There are 3 people whom I admire who have a passion in what they do. They are my kids’ paeditrician, a gynaecologist I saw from time to time (not the one who delivered my babies) and my neurologist. They are extremely busy people but one common trait I noticed is they always look calm. They don’t look rushed even though they are.

Once I asked the gynae, You are so busy rushing about, I find it so amazing that you are still smiling all the time. “I love my job.” she tells me. Its the same with my kids’ paeditrician. She has a passion to help new mothers breastfeed. She really takes up a lot of her time to do so. She spent so much time supporting me, even calling me up at home to find out how I was doing and sometimes she didn’t even charge me or she would charge just a token on RM1. She did all those out of love for what she did.

As for my neurologist? He always looks calm and smiling. During my previous visit, he was rushing off to the airport to catch a flight and I didn’t even know it till he said so. He didn’t appear rushed at all.

What about me? Before I became a full time mum, I was a remisier but I was not passionate about that. I just did it for a living. Now, I’m passionate about being a mother but I’m not like those 3 people I mentioned above. I always look rushed and at the slightest provocation I yell! Hahaha.

I am also passionate about blogging but I am not sure whether it is passion or addiction. Hahaha. I think it probably borders on addiction a little bit more.

What about you? What are you passionate about? Are you passsionate about your job? your cat? the love of your life? your car? Its Monday morning. Are you passionate about going to work or you just want to stay home and snooooooze? Hahaha. 

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