The upmarket Gurney Drive

Located somewhere on the top floors of The Gardens, Mid Valley, you will find the upmarket or the high class Gurney Drive. At first I thought that it was a food court selling Penang Hawker food but no, actually its a restaurant with a Menu but the layout looks like a food court with different hawkers peddaling their food stuff.

You don’t go to the individual stalls to order your food but rather, you order what you want from a Menu. Sorry, I didn’t bring my camera on that day but the gist of it is……. EVERYTHING ALSO COSTS RM15 OR SO!

For dinner for our little family or two adults and two kiddoes, we ordered Sar Hor Fun (how to translate this ah?), Ark Tui Mee Suah (Duck Soup Vermicilli), Satay (One Dozen) and Prawn Omellette (For the kids actually but it turned out spicy and the waitress did not have the foresight to inform us that it would be). And warm water all round. (Cos’ we were too full for dessert since we had to wallop the spicy stuff ourselves. And we were too kiamsiap to pay for more than water. Lol! Again the waitress did not have the foresight to let us know whether our order was too much or too little since we kept on asking her whether it would be sufficient as we did not know the portions). The meal came up to a whopping RM70 plus.

My verdict? Ok, food and ambience was not too bad but no, I am not going to pay RM15 for a plate of hawker food no matter how you package it. It just doesn’t seem right.

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  1. lilian says:

    And I thot you diam-diam came to Gurney Drive and never let me chia you.

    Eh, next month I come you chia me loh. Etualy, you should come here and eat at this Gurney Drive and blog about it ler. They are very brave indeed to call themselves Gurney Drive. Hmm…..

  2. Bkworm says:

    At first, hubby was so looking forward to eating at this Gurney Drive until he saw the prices! Too expensive for just hawker food.

    Ya siao. $8 I still eat but $15???


  3. aw says:

    It’s funny.. We still pay RM15 for some crappy spaghetti at some cafes (no meat some more) or RM30 for a fancy pizza (essentially bread, tomato paste, cheese and slivers of toppings only), or RM10 for a coffee (that costs RM1 or less for the beans). Or RM8 for a crappy burger from McD’s (some bread, small patty made from parts like skin, liver, fat etc, a few veggies).

    Poor hawkers – work so hard, in hot conditions, the food tastes so good that people drive across Malaysia for them, but people only willing to pay pittance, ahahaha.

    Haha. You are so right!

  4. adrian says:

    Serious huh. So expensive ar. I think they wanna fool the tourist who can’t make it to Penang. 😛

    How about you belanja me chee cheong fun there. 😉

  5. dolphine says:

    Long time never been to Mid Vally, don know had become of it.

    Sounds like very expensive crappy food there. Don’t think I want to drop by there after reading your review.

    I wouldn’t say that the food was crappy. It was expensive but ok standard la, not crappy, if not I curse adi. Hahaha.

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