At first I was just doing scaling. I closed my eyes and put my hands on my lap. My whole body was tensed. Haha.

Then the dentist asked me again whether I wanted to have gum surgery. She had asked me to do it the last time (maybe a year aog) but due to lack of time, she had asked me to return on another appointment for it but I never turned up. Hehe.

This time she reminded me. Your gums look really bad especially this one. You should address this problem. Don’t let it get worse. So I agreed since I was already there.

She gave me two jabs and then proceeded to trim my gums. This is nothing new to me actually. I’ve had my gums cut and trimmed and sewn together etc before. I have 9 crowns done years ago and gum surgery done a few times but I still hate it.

Phew! At least that is one appointment out of the way. I will talk about my girl’s dental appointment on my other blog instead. The dentist was kind and gentle with her with the objective of making her first visit to the dentist a pleasant experience so that she won’t develop dentist phobia like her parents. Hahaha.

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