During the end of last year as we were shopping for Christmas gifts, we got ourselves a voucher which entitled me to a make-up and photo session. “You only have to pay RM30 for a full-blown A4 sized photo”, they said. So hubby nudge nudge me and said “You want to try ah” and thats what led me to sit in the middle of the shopping mall and have my face all made up and then put on silly looking faux fur tops, grin and pose for all the shoppers to see. But nothing much to see, only an old aunty trying to capture the essense of youth again. Hahaha.

After the silly posing session, came the interesting photo touch-up session. “Can you make her look 20 years younger ah?” my husband asked and later on “Not enough, maybe another 10 years?” “Can you make her teeth whiter?” *kicks Mr MG* We watch the man magically erase all the lines and other blemishes away on the PC. Wuah. Shioknya.

After that came payment time. We took out our RM30 but wait a minute! “Ma’am, Sir, if you pay RM120 only, you get to keep the software plus have 4 A4 sized photos instead of one. You want anot?” Hmmm it was certainly tempting to have more flawless looking pictures of myself around but err where would I put 4 A4 sized pics of myself ler so we declined. “No? Well, then how about having 3 small sized photos in a little album plus the software. Only RM90.” Still tempting but I declined since I don’t have three boyfriends to give the photos to. “Still no? Well then how about a frame for your photo. We’ll laminate the photo for you before framing. Only RM70.” A tad bit expensive but we needed a frame for it anyway so…….

And that my friend is the price of Vanity. Our free voucher turned out to be daylight robbery. There is no such thing as a free lunch. And free vouchers are a con job to get you to spend more and more and MORE! Always read the fine print. It usually forbids you from buying the things that you really want and the expiry date usually runs out pretty quickly so you’d want to hurry up and spend again.

So, now that you all know how vain I am, would you be kind enough to hop over my other blog and Vote for me, please? 🙂

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