How is your Chinese New Year Shopping coming along?

Mine is almost done. Accept for food stuff that is. But I’ve got the new clothing and decorations. I didn’t want to rush with the mad crowd so I shopped very very early in a nice relaxed manner taking my own sweet time. Haha. Thats the good part. No rushing. The bad part is there is no Angpow packets or other goodies to collect. And the mood isn’t really there yet.

Still that is a small trade-off compared to walking around with stressed, tired, grouchy and whiny kids and trying to push little shoes into uncooperative feet, or persuading the kids that clothes are reallly much more fun to shop for than toys and oh not forgetting those long long long queues to try clothes and those long long long queues to pay.

So, yes, I’m done with my shopping. Now its just the cleaning. Now that the fun part is over, the hard part has just begun. But lets look at the bright side. Perhaps all the exercise that comes with spring cleaning the house will make me fit into that “L” sized cheongsum I bought. And no, I never made it for my lose 5 pounds in 5 months to fit into a “M”. BOO HOO HOO. And Chinese New Year is coming and that means food glorious food, instead of losing 5 pounds in 5 months, I’ll probably gain 5 pounds in 5 weeks. HELP!

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8 thoughts on “How is your Chinese New Year Shopping coming along?

  1. we sure will get fat during CNY! me too, havent lost any pounds after my trip to china and now hv even gained more, pants are tighter now esp the crotch area!! haha! anyway, if u are interested in dieting, i have this diet programme which works well. i tried b4 and i lost some weight

    Thanks for the link. 🙂

  2. i never manage 2 loose weight especially during chinese new year… gotto go shopping for new pair of pants liow hehehehe

    Lol! Better buy one size larger otherwise kenot fit after all the CNY food and eating. Hahaha.

  3. hee hee…luckily i’m in oz. The ‘fever’ isn’t really in! Except for those Asian grocers who try to push their CNY wares to chinese folks!

    That being said, I’m trying to get into the spirit, for my kids. Made some CNY deco origami way..quite cool!

    Mebbe I shud blog it…weekekekekekekekek..

    Deco origami sounds really interesting. Yes, you should blog it.

  4. hahahah i don’t know whether i am done or not. hahahahhahah anyway cny is no good for dieting…sure fail wan the project .. haha

    The project fail adi even b4 started. 😛

  5. Wow…you are all done?? So organised lah! I haven’t started yet though I LOVE CNY 😀 May drop by Mid Valley to look at the decor and start shopping for cookies. Dong Dong Chang!!

    When I was young I loved CNY, then for a time I didn’t like it so much because it was lonely, now I love it again becos of the kids. Hehe. Dong Dong Chang!

  6. i’m a true procrastinator.. and can never get everything so organised.. 🙁 ashamed to say it. .but it’s the truth.

    I’m also pretty disorganised and very mong cha cha. Fortunately I’m married to a very organised person altho that creates a bit of a disunity sometimes. Hahaha.

  7. i got the clothes ready but i hv not buy goodies for my mom.

    talking about weight…i’m left with less than a mth to loose 2kg. i think relatives will think i’m pregnant this CNY. 🙁

    Hahaha. That reminds me… I had to wear my pregnant clothes for a very very long time after birth like 2 years!

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