Does he like you to dress up?


I remember when we were dating he used to insist hint that I dress in a certain manner. (Translates : High heels and body hugging dresses).

After he got me and even before we were married, his preference for my dressing changed to relaxed. All of a sudden he preferred me to dress down rather than dress up.(Translates: Bermuda shorts, pants, shirts, sneakers.) 

Now that we are married, I don’t think he notices what I wear or even cares. (Translates: Thats married life!)

I’m curious. Are all men like these? Gals, does he prefer you to …..

  1. Dress up?
  2. Dress down?
  3. Don’t care?

And what is YOUR own preference? Do you dress for him or for yourself? Do you prefer to dress up or otherwise?

Guys, Do you prefer your ladies to…..

  1. Dress Up (Translates: Dress Sexily)
  2. Dress Down (Translates: Cover Up)
  3. Don’t Care? (No need translation)

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  1. adrian says:

    I prefer my ladies to not dress at all. 😛

    Seriously, I think different guys have different preferance.

    Yeah. Yeah. Shd have known that you would prefer them not dressed or half dressed. Lol!

  2. adrian says:

    I wanted to say different preferance at different stages of their relationship. During paktor time, I didn’t like my wife to wear too sexy, no super short minis. Nowadays, I love her so much, she can wear whatever she wants. Kakakaka. 😛

    Yah, sure. All married men are the same. After married already, they dun care what you wear, then they go and oggle at what other ppl wear. Hahaha.

  3. wen says:

    when hub and i were dating, i dress for him, now i dress for myself! hehe..

    Shake hands. But I still take his suggestions into consideration la….

  4. miche says:

    i never dress for hubby coz he couldnt care less on what i wear as long as it is decent and does not show too much flesh.

    Haha. Yah. Sudah kahwin couldn’t care less.

  5. ling says:

    my hubby prefers me to dress up. but usually I dont because too conscious of my size 😛

    There are still nice things out there for large size ppl like us mah. They call it Natural Woman Size. Hehe.

  6. laundryamah says:

    mine likes me to dress up but refuse to pay for it! shiats. of course i dress up for myself n not for him la…so he tumpang enjoy i oso cannot do anything ma..hahaha

    Hahaha. He tumpang enjoy izzit? Next time must make him pay his share loh.

  7. Judy says:

    I dress for myself and my own self esteem. Dress down as soon as I get home from work. Dress casual smart for work and dress up for special occasions. Having said all that, it always makes him comment on how good I look when I dress up. 🙂

    You sound very well dressed!

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