Pap Smear done

I was supposed to get my pap smear and dental appointments out of the way last year. Well, I managed to get myself to the dentist chair but the pap smear appointment was delayed because the timing wasn’t right.

Anyway, I finally got it out of the way. Took half a day. No, not the Pap Smear. That took a minute but the wait to get it done took half a day. The gynae discovered two ovarian cyst and a lump on my left breast. Hmm…..

She said that the ovarian cyst could be due to what she called a fertile period cyst (which will go away after ovulation), early ovarian cancer or something else which I can’t remember. According to her a cyst for any of these 3 reasons ( the third which I can’t remember now, the long wait must have numbed my brains) look exactly the same. She said that I could go back during a menstruation period to make sure that its gone and then we can be sure that its just a fertile period cyst if thats what it is.

She said that I should monitor the lump on the left breast. Hmm… My mum died of cervical or ovarian cancer (I’m not sure which as I was too young at the time) and my aunt (father’s side) is a breast cancer survivor. My aunt is incredible. She used to drive herself for a chemotherapy then drive straight to work immediately afterwards and no one knew what she was going through. My aunt owns a hardware shop and she said that she had to keep quiet about her condition or else she would no longer get goods on credit. She is an amazing lady.

So now with the pap smear out of the way, its just the results which I hope will be fine like last year. Enough scary thoughts on a Monday morning, I shall now turn my thoughts to something else like spring cleaning for Chinese New Year for example. Theres lots and lots to be done. I can’t decide whether I want to do spot cleaning (room by room) or clean only windows, only fans etc. But first, I’ve got to go and do my exercises.

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7 thoughts on “Pap Smear done

  1. Did the doctor recommend a cancer marker test for the cyst?
    Like you, I have cancer history in my mother side of family too. So when found 2 ovarian cysts during my last appointment with gynae, did a marker test.

    No, she said to go back and check again during a period to see if the cyst is still there. I guess the marker test would be step 2.

  2. I guess the gynae will rekcon u a cancer marker test with a oncologist if it’s not a fertile period cyst…But anyway, just dont worry too much and try to relax meanwhile, ok? Pray about it…

    Oh, I won’t worry too much about it. Afterall, CNY is coming, so I’ll worry about that first. 😉

  3. i’ve always wonder why .. God made woman the way we are eh..?? Very the suffering hor..! and always so scarey.. too.. ! plus hor.. i swear the doctors hor.. they “pakat” one.. !! they all try to scare you .. or something.

  4. Hi, just did mine as well, Pap Smear I mean. The process as you said is quick but the wait, ughh, luckily my hospital was near the mall. When it was approaching my turn, the nurse gave me a phonecall. Anyway, results will be ready hey, tomorrow. Dear me, how fast time flies. Already two weeks. When I first saw the gadget, I was like, “wow that’s big!” Doctor said, “that’s a size S” Hahaha I don’t want to know how big an L or XL is.
    As for the dentist, been there as well. New Year’s Eve.
    Anyway, mumsgather, I have a pretty thought for you as well,:) and you have the right attitude there. Dun worry until it’s really time to worry. In the mean time, have a wonderful and prosperous CNY.

    Lol! I didn’t even look at the gadget.

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