This was what greeted me when I returned to my blog after being away from it for a while. Yeah. 9305 spam comments and several more not caught by Askimet. So what else is new? Not much.

I stayed away on purpose, sort of like having a blog vacation, the way people take a vacation or break away from work. I stayed away from my emails too because if I didn’t I would see some comments and be tempted to return to my blog sooner. And that made an advertiser cancel some links that they wanted to purchase because there was no response from muah. Sob. Sob. Sob.

Of course there’s lots to write about and pictures to post too but wait, I must get my momentum back first. Yes, you do lose some momentum when you don’t blog daily, its true. The more you blog, the more you have to blog about and if you don’t blog, you will soon have nothing to write about. Thats the way it is for me.

So, I’m just writing this nonsense until I get back my momentum again.

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