Every night before I sleep….

Each night before I sleep I have to make milk for the two kids and a hot drink for the big kid. Then I have to get the two little kids to brush their teeth, go to toilet, change and sometimes read them a book or chat with them. Sometimes I have to massage the big kid’s feet. And then….. I can go to sleep.

Sometimes I wish that I could just jump into bed right away without all of these “responsibilities/duties”. It would be just lovely to just jump into bed right away, switch off the lights and zzzzzzzzzzz.

One fine night when I was ultra lazeeeee, I tried to do just that. As a result the two small kids, cried themselves to sleep and the big kid grumbled, dropped the biscuit can and crumbs on the floor when he tried to give the kids some food (since they complained they were hungry – I knew that they were not because they had a full dinner, they were just crying for my attention) and broke the alarm clock in his confusion. (Because he had just woken up from sleep to the sound of two bawling kids.) Kahkahkahkahkah.

It was so noisy and everyone was so unhappy I could not get the sleep which I wanted. Hmm…. looks like I have to go back to my nightly duties again in order to get some peaceful sleep.

Speaking of laziness, these days I am in a rut. I just feel so lazy to do anything….lazy to cook, lazy to do the laundry, washing and ironing, lazy to do any housekeeping especially washing the toilet, sweeping, mopping, lazy to blog, lazy to play with the kids, lazy to exercise, lazy to do anything and everything.  Help!

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9 thoughts on “Every night before I sleep….

  1. I understand just how you feel. Sometimes you just get the feeling of not wanting to do anything at all and just wanna laze. But can’t. My daughter’s bedtime routine is to pray followed by hug hug and kiss kiss 😀 So, it’s tiring but a family moment for all of us.

    Yah, yah, must think of the family moment then it won’t be so tiring. And the kids will grow up so fast. Soon they won’t want family moments so much anymore.

  2. I don’t see anything wrong with being lazy once in a while. As long as you can get up and pat your back and get going again after the lazybones have gotten a much needed rest.

    I think, what you need is a good 2 hours, away from the house, from the kids, big and small, and just do something you really like. Window shopping and sipping latte, watching the world goes by. Or a facial/ massage/ pedicure session. Or watch a good movie. Tell yourself that after the treat, you will attend to the chores.

    Or better still, employ someone to come in once or twice a week to do the dreadful mopping and toilet cleaning.

    I bought myself 3 novels to read and hubby was like “Are you sure you have the time to read.” Hahaha. They’re still in their plastic bag. Lol!

  3. Your help is coming! But she won’t be able to help you blog. But, I assure you…with help, you’ll get even lazier! Haha…

    With help even lazier. Hubby is not going to like that. Now at least got excuse to be lazy and he sayang sayang a bit. If got help dat time, no more sayang sayang. Hahaha.

  4. i am like this at times. rest well and u will feel better. thot u r getting a maid ? get a part timer for the time being to do all the washing and ironing..i am doing that now

    I would prefer just part time help rather than a full time maid but thats another story.

  5. hahhhaah….no worries lah. Maid coming right?

    I don’t think the maid can help ease my before I go to sleep “work” and I will be even more busy in the first few months training her. Bleargh

  6. Oh, my friend…..I feel like that too. I feel I am on strike. I feel like I never want to cook, clean, nor lift a finger……ever again. It’s been an ongoing feeling for quite awhile now 🙁

    Lets shake on it!

  7. sound like me leh…hehe…luckily i still got my maid to clean the house. I’m just lazy to play with darren and think of what to cook. Somehow, I’ll feel guilty after that..but later lazy overtook guilt again…and back to lazy again….susah hor…

    Lazy… Guilty…. Lazy…. Guilty…. Hahaha. Yes, you sound just like me!

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