I received an email that suggested that as wives you should try to find out what you and your husband have in common, then you go and plan some activities or whatever around those things you have in common whether its food, music or whatever and this ought to make the man happy.

So that got me thinking…. Now what do I and my man have in common? I started with the basics.

  • Food – I like to try new things. He likes the same ole, same ole.. (But he is getting more adventurous lately. Yippee!)
  • Music – I like slow sentimental music. He says those put him to sleep. He likes music with some more beat and oomph and life to it. When I play my slow sentimental music he would ask “What kind of music is that/are you listening to??!” incredulously.
  • SleepI’m a night owl. He’s an early bird. Need I say more?
  • Hobbies – I like to blog. He doesn’t know what is a blog….. previously. Now, he knows but he just doesn’t care about blogging nor have the time or interest to.
  • Books – He reads all sorts of finance and investment books that puts me to sleep. Yaaawwwn! I read silly magazines that make him shake his head on why I read that trash. His other love is comics. I’ve started to read them too because they’re light reading, a bit like my trashy mags.
  • Aiyoh! I better stop here. We are so different!

Looks like opposites do attract. So what shall I do now? The article did not suggest what to do when you can’t find things in common. Lol! So what about you? Are you and your man opposites or peas in a pod?

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