Update on Gynae visit

Have visited the gynae for the pain my the left breast complain. First she did an ultrasound to view the two cyst in the ovaries which she found during my last pap smear and told me that they have shrunk. “Don’t worry, its not cancer” she says. “You can come back in 6 months or a year and we’ll monitor it. Hopefully it will have disappeared by then.”

I told her about the pain in the left breast around the area where she said she had found a lump. “Should I get a mamogram?” I asked her. “There’s no harm” she said but she didn’t suggest or insist on it. She then did an ultrasound of the breasts. “The ultrasound will help us to see any cyst.” she said. She did not found any. She said that the pain was probably caused by the breast tissues. There is more tissues on the left according to her. Hmmm….. maybe I’m fatter there.

She then took some blood for a tumour marker test and concluded the visit by giving me antibiotics and Evening Primrose Oil for 4 months. Initially she had wanted to give me Vitamin E for two months but changed to EPO instead. She said the pain could be caused by infection and thats what the antibiotics is for. I told her that I was taking anti-seizure medicine and asked her about the safety of taking the antibiotics and the EPO.

She said they were safe. She told me that the medicine I was taking could have caused some hormonal imbalances and the EPO will balance it back. The damage was RM326.

When I got back I searched the net for “Evening Primrose Oil and Epilepsy” and found that it is not advisable for those with epilepsy to take EPO as it could cause seizures. Hmm… Anyway, the tumour marker results are out and its normal.

So we’ll live with things as it is until the next annual appointment. After the conclusion of this visit, I think I’ll wait a while before getting a mamogram done.

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8 thoughts on “Update on Gynae visit

  1. Try to visit another doctor. They will give different opinion… I suggest you go to public hospital also, you can see a few point of views before jumping into conclusion…

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Good to know that it’s all a-okay. If the pain doesn’t persist and the gynae didn’t sound so worried, I guess it’s okay to hold the scan for awhile. But still, just get it done down the road to get peace of mind.

    Yeah, I will get it done down the road later on but for the time being the thought of dragging my two kids along with me to wait for hours just isn’t too appealing. Hey you know what. We must have been thinking of each other at the same time. I was typing a comment on your blog but before I had the chance to hit submit, my pc beep showing me that you had left a comment in mine. Talk about timing. 🙂

  3. I’m glad to hear your results are normal.
    I suggest calling up the doc who treats your seizure to check if it is really OK to take EPO.

    I could never reach the man. He’s too busy. Anyway, I will check with him during the next check up but in the meantime I’m not going to take the risk. Almost every web page and book I have read says No.

  4. Ya, I do agree dat u should go for a 2nd opinion to be sure and on the safe side. How come ur doc recommended u EPO, knowing dat u are on anti-seizure medication? Show her the article stating dat EPO CANNOT go along with anti-seizure medicine and see what she has to say. *blek*

    If only I had the time to do all of the above that you mentioned.

  5. Hi, just to share with u. Last few months I found a lump in my breast, went to Ampang Putri and discovered a cyst. (not cancerous). The doctor did the biopsy and after that also gave me antibiotics and EPO. So I’m taking the EPO supposedly 3x a day now. It works for me, lessen the pain in my breast. Also, I’m avoiding coffee (so hard!!) and chocolates *anything with caffeine*. I’m ok now, hope the best for you.

    Thank you so much for sharing Min. I appreciate it. 🙂

  6. Hope there is nothing serious. But if u feel uncomfortable about the pain and the feedback ur gynea give, 2nd opinion is still the best. I can understand it is very bothering when u dunno what is happening in ur body.

    Yeah, women’s body issues. Sigh!

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