Marketing to Young Consumers

They are catching them younger and  younger these days, the consumer ads.

I remember those days when I was wadling in and out of my gynaes clinic when I was pregnant, I received loads of product samples, milk powders, diapers, creams, more milk powders….. I don’t mind the diapers…. Anyway, the point is, all these while my baby was still snug in mummy’s tummy.

Then I remember an occassion when my children’s regular paeditrician was off and I went to another. I was horrified. His entire clinic was full of glass showcases with all sorts of consumer products on display! I am quite annoyed with paeditricians who recommend milk powders instead of promoting breastfeeding.

Recently, my daughter came home from kindy with yet more product samples. “Mummy these are party packs” she told me innocently. “And look, mummy, if you buy one at $16, you will get one T-shirt free. I want the T-shirt.” she declared. I’ll need to have a word with the principal if this continues.

Oh and don’t forget the TV. I don’t subscribe to pay TV (Astro here) so fortunately my kids don’t get influenced by TV ads. Phew! Or I’d be hassled with more “I want!” at the supermarket.

When they hit the teen years, the ads will keep on coming and it never stops and it never will. Lets face it. Young consumers means big $$$$$$.

These ads and product samples aimed at the young annoy me so especially the milk powder ones and the junk food ads on TV (with the exception of the free diapers Ahem!). What about you?

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  1. Ann says:

    You know, I was more concerned with the kiddie wanting what friend A and friend B has rahter than the adverts.

    Maybe a little too narrow thinking but…sigh, can’t get that paranoi out of my mind…especially if he goes to school where all the other rich kids go!

    CAn’t stand the pharse “I want! I want!”

    Unfortunately my kids say it all the time “I want! I want!”

  2. chinnee says:

    hate it too, as our kid will force us to get them that thing…damn irritating 🙁

    Irritating and annoying. Some of the ads are rather brainless too. Just endless chanting of the product. Lala, gaga, duh duh, whatever.

  3. wen says:

    hmm.. why the kindy like that one?

    Its the first time, so I’ll let it rest but if it happens too frequently, then have to bring up to principal that I don’t think its right.

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