Why She is more romantic than He

Its all Disney’s fault really. Why just take a look at this video.

From young, we girls have been bombarded with images of love and romance in stories, movies etc. And thats how when we enter adulthood we all have this romantic notion that some handsome prince or knight in shining armour will come and sweep us off our feet and gallop off into the sunset with us. And oh, we musn’t forget that all romantic kiss must we. *Muaks Muaks* then ride off into the sunset.

Only, in real life, after you ride off into the sunset, you wake up beside the most unromantic man on earth who is too shy to say “I Love You” (The “I Love Yous” are freely said only in the movies) and you fight over everything from who should handle baby’s poo or throw out the rubbish to what to eat or how you should arrange the furniture (can you tell I’m still mad at him for putting the telephone table at the side instead of between my two armchairs? Hahaha).

Oklah, Oklah, I may be married to the most unromantic and practical man in the world who doesn’t say “I Love You” or sends flowers etc etc but he’s still my knight in shining armour, my prince charming. Hehehe. Because no matter what, even with the grind of daily routine, I can’t help it. I’m a hopeless romantic and I still believe in love and magic and Prince Charming because its too deeply instilled within me.

What about you? Are you a hopeless romantic?


Moomykin has suggested some romantic ways to spice up your marriage. You should read her post and try out some of her suggestions and then report what happened on your blog. ie whether he reciprocrated or remained a block of wood. Lol!

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7 thoughts on “Why She is more romantic than He

  1. Nothing like a holiday to bring back the romance in the relationship!

    And I reckon one great thing is when we start getting romantic, the great thing is that they do reciprocate some words, feelings, actions of romance!

    You mean a holiday without the kids. Haha. Yes, and I agree with you that when you start the ball rolling, it usually gathers some moss. Hehe.

  2. Between Kopi Hia and I, he is the romantik wan, last time use to write long long lup letter/poems to me, owes wan to buy flawer lar, hold hand lar, cuddle lar, sms dunno how many time say “I lup u” then when watch TV time wan to sit close close.

    My response: No Nid!!! Kekekeke

    Aiyoh, wasted lah lik dat. Ppl want oso donch have. You have but dunwan.

  3. Well I onyl remember my hubby used to be romantic when we were dating….. now the both of us actually ebcoming hopeless romantic, hahaha, well at least we have one more thing in common. 🙂

    My hubby was never very romantic when we were dating so he said its good wor because that means he hasn’t changed! Hahaha. Anyway like you said, now both of us are equally unromantic. We don’t celebrate our birthdays (only the kids) or Valentine’s Day or wedding anniversaries. If we do celebrate our wedding anniversary it would be with the kids too. But I don’t mind lah, its a happy day and the kids make us happy and are part of us after all so I think there’s nothing wrong to include them in our celebrations. 🙂

  4. Hmm.. maybe you should try to rub some romance into him, or just do it as you like it:

    Kiss him when you hand him his drink and say “you’re welcome.”
    Make him give you a good back scrub in the shower, tell him you NEED his help.
    Wear scented lotion after shower and ask him which arm smells nicer (can just use same lotion on both arms. ;))
    Send him an e-card to tell him you love him, on any given day.
    Hold his hand when falling asleep in bed.


    Walaueh, you should blog the whole list. Haha.

  5. Hi. Decided to take up your suggestion. It’s up on my blog. Just a few to add to the list. 🙂

    too tired to pick my brains at this hour. Also just read your blog on not to spend too much time blogging and blog-hopping. ;P

    Ok, I’ll hop right over, find your link and link to you. 🙂

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