Death by Blogging?

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Today I read an article in the New York Times about the demise of two famous bloggers who blog for a living. Its called In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop. Interesting article.

I’m not sure if people will actually die from blogging but one thing is clear. Blogging is an unhealthy activity. Physically unhealthy that is rather than mentally. For most of us casual bloggers it is probably mentally stimulating to engage in discussions. It is also an avenue for us to vent our frustration. That is much better than keeping it inside. Not only are we able to vent our anger, we also get voices telling us “Yes, I feel this way too sometimes” so we do not feel so alone.

However on the physical aspect, there is no denying it. Blogging is unhealthy. Hours and hours of having our eyes glued to the pc screen can’t be good. It leads to a sedentary lifestyle and sometimes it can get out of hand when we can’t control the time we spend blogging leading to relationship problems. We should be spending more time with our kids or spouse for example. For those at work it can be a major disruption too if you have to keep on checking your blog for comments throughout the day! It can also create sleep problems too. If you have ever experienced waking up in the middle of the night thinking about some blog post idea than you should know what I mean.

Lets face it. Blogging is a little bit addictive so we have to learn to control it ie we mustn’t let blogging take over our lives. I have learned to control my blogging by doing less blog hopping. Oh, I do love to read all my favourite blogs and catch on with whats happening to those bloggers but theres just only that many hours in a day. So I have no choice but to reduce my blog hopping. I do however still write more frequently than I should since I have 3 main blogs which I love equally and I spend too much time on them. Another area

I’ve cut down is the admin part of blogging. I’ve stopped playing with my templates and trying to change and tidy up things around too much because that too is very time consumming. I’ve stopped doing all those things that are supposed to increase traffic like submitting to directories and pinging services except occassionally. Heck, these things take time. I’ve also stopped writing paid posts from lack of opportunites rather than as a control measure. Fortunately, otherwise my blogging would be even more out of control.

Thats basically the two main things I’ve done to control my blogging hours. Don’t blog hop so much and don’t play around with template. Oh yes, and one more thing. I try not to blog during the weekends. In fact I try not to go anywhere near the pc during the weekends. What about you? Is your blogging under control or do you live to blog? What have you done to control your blogging hours?

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9 thoughts on “Death by Blogging?

  1. I’m definitely one of those at the high risk category of dying from blogging. I spend nearly every waking hour on the internet. Even now when my modem is fried I’m at a mamak shop armed with a notebook and connected via WiFi.

    I guess it’s my past job too. As a web programmer I stare at the computer 10 hours a day.

    Yes I’ve heard of extreme stories like you mentioned and I’m forcing myself to get away from the computer more frequently. I’m starting to take more naps in between and walk to the supermarket just to buy minor groceries.

    Hi Andrew. Its unhealthy for a casual blogger but I can imagine how much more unhealthy it is for a problogger who MUST get the story out immediately and you know how quickly news becomes stale on the internet. If you’re too slow or far behind in getting the story out no one wants to read it anymore, not after reading 100s of different versions of the same story. I bet when your modem got fried you feel like frying the pc as well from frustration. Hahaha.

  2. hehehe….i actually only blog when I am at work…sometimes in between my ‘heavy’ workload! Just a break…

    But as soon as I am home and mostly during the weekend, I am absent from my blog. Sometimes not because I don’t want to but my son and my hubby keeps me occupied enough.

    Thank God blogging is not my life….yet! 😉

    Its harder for a SAHM to fight the temptation of being in front of the pc after being in front of the kids 24/7. 😛

  3. hi this is my first time here…and this is an intersting article! started blogging during my confinement last yr in october…and since then, i’ve been hooked! but i always stay away from blogging on weekends (thk God!)
    anyway, i thk this is a very nice post and if you dont mind, i would like to add you into my blogroll!

    Hi June. I assume you’re June rather than Andrew. Haha. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. Of course I don’t mind. I’m an addicted blogger afterall. 😉

  4. I haven’t gone to the extreme yet.. but I do admit that sometimes I tend to over-blog (spend a lil too much time on the computer) Thanks for this timely post 🙂

    I tend to over-blog too. *guilty*

  5. A lot of bloggers take to bloghopping to increase traffic to their own blogs. Unlike a physical diary, part of the attraction of writing blogs is the interaction you get from your readers. That’s how it is for me anyway. And yes, when I first started I was really “addicted”! But after 2 years, I’m wiser now, hahaha!!

    Sama sama. The interaction holds the same attraction for me and yes, after 2-3 years, I also became wiser but not as wise as I’d like to be. Haha.

  6. You ask: What have you done to control your blogging hours?
    I answer: I stopped!

    You very good self control hor

  7. Bravo! bravo!! well said. coz i feel exactly the same way and it’s getting tiring…checking for comments, racking my brains on what to blog next, feeling bad if i don’t blog hop through my blogroll. I haven’t finished reading a whole book for quite a while now and most of my ‘free’ time at home is spent at my pc. bad. bad. bad. so for starters, I have taken off the comments section of my blog, so I am not always checking to see if anyone has commented! And I will blog again when I feel like it….only when I feel like it.

    You’re not that bad wut. I think the time you spend updating your blog is just nice. 🙂

  8. I appreciate this post. And I know what you mean by a SHAM being more tempted to blog. Until recently, I have used this as an escapism from the kids and leave them to play under the watch of grandma. Shall not stress her more then I should and go back to just blogging at night when all is asleep. hehehe..

    Also must not be such a busy body and blog-hop so much. Just visit a few by turn, kinda like lunch dates with different friends on different days, eh?

    I like your analogy of having lunch dates with different friends on different dates. Its a good analogy. Afterall you can’t visit ALL of your friends EVERYDAY can you? Haha. As for me, I find rotating around my blogroll difficult. So what I do is blog hop only a few die hard fav of mine and on days when I’m freer (can’t control my blogging) you would see me everywhere hopping around like a rabbit. Hahaha. I also try to rotate blog hopping and blog posting if I can.

  9. I’ve also cut down on the time I blog hop. Like I read this entry of yours in my feed ytd, and wanted to comment but only found time today.

    Dying from blogging maybe an exaggeration but I think there’re health hazards associated with it. Like shoulder aches, backaches, etc.

    Unfortunately, there’s only 24 hours in a day…

    And neckaches too. 😛

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