You can tell you’re blogging too much when….

Your kid tells you….

“Mummy, I can see your eyes got computer.”

This was said to me by mine who had wedged himself between me and the computer table, climbed up my lap and stared into my eyes, looking at the reflection of the computer in them.

That means I gotta get my big bum out of this chair RIGHT NOW! Just imagine that. Blogging till the computer is coming out from my eyes. Lol!

How do you tell when you’ve been blogging too much?

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10 thoughts on “You can tell you’re blogging too much when….

  1. When my fingers start to ache… 😛

    Hahaha. Thats really too much blogging then! I haven’t encountered that before. Only neck and back aches or eyestrain but fingers, no so far.

  2. when i dont go “lepaking” with friends at the mamak anymore…rather blogging at home/office!
    or missed my fav series on TV or play less with my girl girl!
    i thk i better i slowed down on blogging!

    Perhaps the day will come when you bring your laptop to the mamak stall to blog about your roti canai and teh tarik. You know you’re really in trouble for overblogging then!

  3. When I’m late to fetch my children. Like today. And my bum actually hurts so much from sitting in the same position so long.

    Haha. Blog till bum hurt but I can relate to what you said.

  4. when I see too many posts in a day or I post daily, it means I have blogging too much 😛

    Oh dear, oh dear, that means I have to stop updating 3 blogs several times daily. Hehe. Just joking.

  5. I have taken your cue, advice, to not to spend too much time in front of the computer and so far have been successful.

    I logged on in the morning just to peek if anyone posted a comment, then came back later to answer a few. Then shut down the computer, had a pretty good day with the kids. While they napped I did the laundry and filled in the income tax form for hubby (yesterday’s nap slot).

    Pretty good use of my time. 🙂
    Hope it lasts and I won’t go back to being a blog-junkie, as my hubby called me once.

    I’m afraid you shouldn’t listen to the “advice” of someone who cannot follow the same “advice”. Haha.

  6. Children say the cutest things. No lah, you are not blogging too much. Just right.

    Eh, you really think that writing a few blog posts on a few blogs daily is not too much? Hahaha.

  7. hahaha your boy smart leh 🙂

    when all I have in my mind is “hmmn i should be posting this, then this, then do that, then….THIS mean I’ve been blogging too much 😉

    Thats better than posting posting posting instead of doing this and that. Hahaha.

  8. Hmm…when I start to take out my camera and snap this and that, and my friend asked “Why you snap that picture?”…heheheee..
    (Lol) I was chunkling when read ” I can see your eyes got computer”…so cute your boy

    Err… this morning when I was in front of the pc he was checking my eyes again to see if “got computer”. You know, whenever I see anyone taking camera out to snap this snap that, I think to myself, this feller is probably a blogger. Haha.

  9. mine says, ” Mommy….you are sitting so long on the computer chair…switch off your computer”
    I work from home and my kid is with me the whole day. This is her line when I spend to much time on the computer (working or blogging)

    Haha. Can order you to switch off your computer sumore.

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