Over the weekend we went to see a private school in KL which was having its open day. The private school offers the kind of education which solves our current “Kebangsaan School or Chinese School” dilemma.

The medium of instruction is mainly in English with the study of Chinese Mandarin as a compulsory second language. (Some parents want their kids to learn Chinese but not in the kind of learning environment that is being offered at Chinese Schools.)  Of course Malay is taught too because the students have to sit for the government exams. Plus there is a lot of focus on ICT as well and the facilities are there for it.  With airconditioned classrooms and a nice library and a big hall for games. Nice?

However at an average fee of RM10,000 a year (and this is a modest estimate) *calculate calculate* from Standard 1 to Form 5 (11 years) would cost *calculate calculate* *drum roll* Taddaaaa! Only RM110,000. This does not include many other fees like transportation (because the private schools are usually very far and out of the way), food, other activities etc. So lets say on a rough estimate it costs RM150,000 per child for 11 years x 2 (because I have 2 kids) bringing that to a grand total of only RM300,000! Waluaeh! And that does not include higher education. Most people would opt for overseas education.

Gosh! I think I will go back and start cracking my head again over the dilemma. I have no choice but to choose between the devil or the deep blue sea. (Either the too lepak Kebangsaan school or the too strict Chinese School). Private education solves our dilemma but how many people can afford it? Even then many middle class families are now turning to it (Not only the filthy rich send their kids to private schools these days.) Many parents have to slog really hard to provide their children with the kind of learning environment which they hope will provide them with the opportunities to make them thrive and excel. But its so expensive. Sigh!

Anyway, here are the links to some of the private schools around KL if you are interested:

Sri Kuala Lumpur


Sri Garden

Sri Sedaya

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