Attention all mommy bloggers (and other bloggers too)! SocialSpark is here at last. I did promise in my previous post that I was going to talk about another way you can find money making opportunities for your blog.  Well, I was talking about SocialSpark. So what is SocialSpark? Lets see, the best way I can describe it is SocialSpark is like a cross between a blog advertising site like PayPerPost, a statistics and analytics calculator site like Site Meter or IzeaRank and a social networking site like Blog Catalog. Everything rolled into one. Its a social networking site for bloggers and advertisers. Fantastic! I love it. Now I don’t have to click or monitor several sites when one site does it all.I’ve just signed up so I’m still feeling my way around but I like what I see so far. Here’s what I like about it.

  • when you click on an opp you are interested in, you will see the recent visitors to the opp, people who have taken the opp, recent posts for the opp (including the number of words – so much detail!) as well as the best post to date (Ooh! I love a challenge and must try to get to the best post to date page.). It also shows the number of opps the advertiser has created. You can also leave your comment for the opp. One click on the advertiser’s link will bring you to the advertiser’s profile with even more details.
  • on the other hand the blogger’s profile page will show you the blogger’s profile, the blogger’s blogs (and most bloggers have a few these days) and the blogger’s network of friends. You can also leave comments or vote for the blogger just like most social networking sites. However, clicking on the blogger’s blog links will give  you much more detailed information like the blog’s RealRank and Alexa Rank (no Google pagerank here), pageviews, visitors, detailed demographics in numbers and graphs.  You can also view summaries of the latest blog posts from the blogger. All these are extremely useful information for an advertiser. Its very transparent all out in the open. I would also advise you to make your numbers public (if you have previously made it private) in IzeaRanks because advertisers like to see numbers
  • On the home page you can browse blogs or browse opportunites, if you like to interact, you can go to the community tab and browse users, participate in the Izea boards, read the Izea blog or watch RockStartUp
  • Under your account tab, you can manage your finances, manage your public profile or your blogs and view your messages from your friends, advertisers or customer love
  • The opps use no follow links and there is complete disclosure like what you see at the bottom of this post
  • There is a bonus payment for best posts for certain opps. This is great because bloggers will be motivated to write better posts to qualify for the bonus as well as get extra traffic from being linked as best post for the opp

Here is a preview of how your profile will look like at SocialSpark. Nice?


Credit for Image: I am sure that the good folks at Izea won’t mind that I took their screenshot for this

Now for some of my grouses so far. You have to wait in Q for opps and once available you only have 12 hours to complete it. 12 hours is too short for bloggers who are not in the same time zone as SocialSparks. I am afraid that if I get the opp reserved for me in the morning SocialSparks time (at night my time) and I only find out about it the next morning (my time), I would have missed the 12 hours deadline. Another thing, I managed to reserve the opp at a certain price but it keeps on fluctuating higher and lower on a demand and supply basis I presume. Thats very frustrating when I manage to get it at a much lower price. But these are minor grouses which I believe will be ironed out. Afterall, they just came out of Alpha and is in Beta now. I was an Alpha tester but only for a day. Haha.

My major grouse is now I will be stuck in front of the PC for many more hours each day monitoring my SocialSpark activities. Help!

Note: Opp = Opportunity to write a sponsored post for an advertiser

BTW, there are three kinds of Opps in SocialSpark.

  1. The regular Sponsored Posts
  2. Blog Sponsorships ie advertisers sponsoring your blogs on a day to day basis
  3. Sparks – Free Opps. You don’t get paid for this but they may count as interim posts. Anyone can create a Spark. You can create a spark to create a buzz for your own blog and leave a “bloguback” to all bloggers who take up your opp. Its like tit for tat. I rub your back, you rub me back. In this case I buzz you and you buzz me back. Everyone benefits from this blog pimping for each other. And if the spark comes from an advertiser, no problem if you don’t get paid, it’ll give you more blogging ideas for blog posts

I’m really long winded here and thats because I’m really just so excited about this new platform for bloggers to network with advertisers but I won’t keep you any longer.  Mommies, Daddies and everyone else, why not go register and find out for yourself what SocialSpark is all about?

“It only takes a spark to get a fire going.”

Sponsored by SocialSpark

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