Last week the maid agent called to inform us that the maid has arrived. “We shall conduct a medical test and some orientation. Once that is done, we will call you to collect the maid”, she said. “Don’t call me, I’ll call you.” That seems to be her favourite phase.

So I waited and waited and finally I called her.

MG: When can we collect the maid?

Agent: You can’t because she is having her period

MG: Huh? How come?

Agent: Because we can’t do a urine test when she is having her period

MG: Oh, I see…

Agent: Don’t worry lah. Don’t call me, I’ll call you.

Hmmm… thats not a very good start.

I’m really nervous about meeting the maid and taking her in to live with us in our house. I’m worried about whether she will get along with us and get used to our culture and our way of doing things. I am worried about whether the kids will like her. I am worried about whether I will be able to manage her well instead of letting her climb all over my head because I am such a softie. I am worried about whether she can be trusted. I am a bit sad about the loss of privacy and the adjustments we will have to make to admit a stranger into our house.

So many worries and then this delay….. I am worried that this delay will expose the new maid to the reject maids that are at the agents etc etc. I am worried that this delay is not a coincidence but a trick. Gosh! I am such a worrier!

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