The maid is late

Last week the maid agent called to inform us that the maid has arrived. “We shall conduct a medical test and some orientation. Once that is done, we will call you to collect the maid”, she said. “Don’t call me, I’ll call you.” That seems to be her favourite phase.

So I waited and waited and finally I called her.

MG: When can we collect the maid?

Agent: You can’t because she is having her period

MG: Huh? How come?

Agent: Because we can’t do a urine test when she is having her period

MG: Oh, I see…

Agent: Don’t worry lah. Don’t call me, I’ll call you.

Hmmm… thats not a very good start.

I’m really nervous about meeting the maid and taking her in to live with us in our house. I’m worried about whether she will get along with us and get used to our culture and our way of doing things. I am worried about whether the kids will like her. I am worried about whether I will be able to manage her well instead of letting her climb all over my head because I am such a softie. I am worried about whether she can be trusted. I am a bit sad about the loss of privacy and the adjustments we will have to make to admit a stranger into our house.

So many worries and then this delay….. I am worried that this delay will expose the new maid to the reject maids that are at the agents etc etc. I am worried that this delay is not a coincidence but a trick. Gosh! I am such a worrier!

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12 thoughts on “The maid is late

  1. When I read the title, I thought you meant the maid was pregnant. You know…the maid is “late”.

    And yes, you worry too much. Stay calm and cool. And try not to be too soft with your maid. Don’t be a tyrant (she’s still human after all) but don’t be too soft either. Be firm but fair.

    Haha. Then I would be really worried if that were the case. Fortunately she is not “late” but on time. Lol!

  2. Like the chinese like to say.. when the ship arrives.. the harbour will be straight.. 🙂 donch worry..!

    Hopefully the ship won’t crash into the harbour. Hahaha.

  3. how long did you take to wait for the maid?

    I submitted my application in the middle of December last year. It was Christmas, then CNY, then finally they gave me some biodatas in Feb, then its 2 months of paperwork. If there is some biodata available then you don’t have to wait that long.

  4. it is natural to worry…

    My colleague just got her maid and has found it all alright after all.

    Her maid is from Indonesia and is not used to chinese food. So they have given her her own utensils to cook her own meals with whatever there is in the fridge. Can ask her what she likes to eat and get them for her. Or tar pau malay food for her. My colleague’s maid loves her coffee since Nescafe is from Indonesia after all.

    She also gives her maid some time to wash her own clothes – by hand. Most of the maid’s things are seperate from the normal household.

    Oh what I meant was, when she is new, we’d have to take her everywhere we go as we can’t trust to leave her at home alone just yet.

    So, in the end I think she will be there but not really an intrusion.

    Easier on you perhaps.

  5. So sorry that this is lengthening your state of worry-ness. I would be exactly like you if I were in your shoes. Still try to keep your head and enjoy a few extra days of privacy and freedom in the house. 🙂

    Yup! Thanks.

  6. Ur worries are understandable. I was like you too..even thinking not to take her in last minute. It will take some time for both of you to adjust to each other. No point worrying..just one thing at a time.

    Even thinking of not taking her in last minute? Haha. That thought is always on my mind.

  7. hmmm, that’s quite a lot of worries 🙂 well, look at it this way, it won’t do you or the situation any good… just lay the rules upfront and then see how she performs 🙂 meanwhile, all the best in getting a good helper..


  8. have the same thought here. wonder what will my maid going to do in the evening when me and qiqi sleeps for 3 hours in the afternoon. As if lose of privacy hor??

  9. When I wori, This is what my husb will have to say –
    You think if you wori that much, the prob will resolve by itself meh, if not then why wori??

    Haha. Sounds like a std “man” reply. Mine would probably say the same to me.

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