Well, I don’t know if it is but it is Fashion Week at One Utama and Mid Valley Megamall. I just happened to be there during the weekend and was treated to Fashion Shows.

I watched a Fitness Fashion show at Mid Valley. What fantastic outfits. Gone are those days of boring old shorts and t-shirts for jogging or boring black leotards for group aerobics exercises. The fitness fashion is so interesting these days. What fantastic outfits. Now if only I could fit into them! Hahaha. Well, first I’ve got to exercise in my boring old T and shorts first before I can wear one of those nice fitness outfits. Lol! The models looked great sashaing on the walkway. Oh! Those flat tummies! I’m so jealous! I never had a flat tummy. Not even when I was a teen! Sobs. Now I can forget about a flat tummy ever. Racking sobs!

At One Utama I was treated to an all male fashion show as I happened to be there when they were modelling an all male brand. The guys don’t look as good as the girls on the walkway. Maybe I’m just not used to seeing guys strutting their stuff on the walkway. Haha. I thought they walked kind of funny. My only thought was how come none of the male models (and there were plenty) looked like a true blue Malaysian. They all looked so…. foreign. I am sure there are many good looking Malaysian guys around. Maybe none of them wants to become a model. Hmmm… what do you think?

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