The Maid has failed her Medical Tests. She has got TB and has to be sent home immediately.

What does this mean to me? According to the agent, I don’t have to pay anything extra. Yes, sure! But what about the opportunity cost or the cost of interest for the money that I’ve paid upfront to bring the maid into the country?

Now, I have to pick another maid and wait for another 2 months. I’m back to square one! I first made my application at the end of December last year. Its the end of April now. Another 2 months will make it 6 months or half a year of waiting.

My only thought. Why is the process so ridiculous? Why can’t they make sure she passes all her medical tests BEFORE she comes in the country and not AFTER she comes in? Such a waste of time and money for everyone.

All my anxiousness, nervousness and preparation for nothing. We even went out to buy a fan for the maid’s room last weekend.  I need the fan to blow at my face right now.

GERAMNYA! In a flurry of frustrated activity, I cleaned out the bathroom yesterday and squatted down to brush out the dirty bathroom walls and sinks.

The one good thing that has come out of this? At least my bathroom is clean now. *slaps forehead*

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