Remember I wrote about the upmarket Gurney Drive in KL at The Gardens, Mid Valley? Well recently we took Dad there to savour some of his favourite Penang food and were pleasantly surprised to see that the prices had been revised downwards.

The first time I went there most of the hawker foods were priced at RM15 per plate. This time I saw that most of them were priced around RM12.50++ for large portions and RM8++ for small or single portions. They are smart to reduce the price in this manner. Previously the single portion costs RM15 and there were no large or small portions. 

Lets compare. In our previous visit we ordered Sar Hor Fun, Ark Tui Mee Suah, Satay (One Dozen) and Prawn Omellette plus warm water all round. The meal came up to a whopping RM70 plus.

This time round we ordered Sar Hor Fun, Penang Hokkien Char, Koay Teow Th’ng, Curry Mee, Penang Chee Cheong Fun (which is very different from the KL variety in case you don’t know), Lobak, Chendol and Bor Bor Cha Cha. The meal came up to RM60 plus.  We got much more food than the previous visit plus dessert too at a lesser price. It is still expensive but not exorbitant like before.

And its great to see a price reduction somewhere with prices rising everywhere. Even my wholemeal bread costs about 20 cents a piece now!

With prices coming down to about the same as what you would get at a food court, it is much more reasonable now. This place looks very much like a food court actually but you don’t go to the individual stalls to order. You order from a menu and the food is served to you like a restaurant.  The food plus which place or road it comes from in Penang is listed beside it ie whether it comes from Pulau Tikus or Green Lane or whatever road. Apparently 16 cooks were brought here specially. There is no need for self service. So with better service and about the same prices as most food courts makes it worth a visit now compared to previously.

Before we left, hubby pointed to the pile of stones at the signage outside and told Dad that they had been brought in from Gurney Drive, Penang. That made Dad smile. And that makes it even more worth the visit. Its hard to get Dad to smile these days. Most days he is rather quiet and answers in monosyllabus.

I don’t have pictures but if you want to see pictures and read more about the Gurney Drive in KL at The Gardens, Mid Valley, you can go here.

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