I had so neglected my kitchen that a rat found its way into it and lived there for 3-4 days! On the first day, I thought I saw it but then I dismissed it as a shadow, a figment of my  imagination, or a rather large lizard.

On the second day, my husband saw it scampering past and again we thought it was just a shadow or a large lizard. It was too fast for us.

On the third morning, I woke up to a very serious faced husband who said “Its confirmed hon, its a rat! I saw it and it has nibbled your coaster.”

I went to inspect my coaster which was for hot pots. I had placed the coaster under my used oil pot and the rat and nibbled it to shreds! Eeeeeyeeea!

And then…….. I saw it! It ran down my sink, then sat on my shelf and looked at me arrogantly (or so I thought). “I’ve taken over your kitchen.” It seemed to say. And no, it didn’t look a bit cute, not like the rat in ratatouille. It just looked disgusting! I kept on imagining it having a field day running around in my kitchen and I was beside myself with the thought. I closed the kitchen door silently and went to play with the kids. No way was I going to tackle the rat on my own.

When hubby came home later that day, we armed ourselves with an insect spray and a badminton racket each. Then we each stood on a kitchen stool ready to do battle with the rat. Lol. Just imagine that, two big people afraid of one wee rat.

We sprayed and shouted at it and eventually manuevered it out of the kitchen. Phew! After that, I had to scrub the whole kitchen. Everything had to be washed with soap and rinsed. The floor had to be flushed out with more soap and water.

I have no idea how the rat got into my kitchen. I do not leave food lying around and my rubbish bin is always covered. Food items are usually neatly and nicely tied into separate bags before throwing into the bin. There is nothing to eat which is probably why the rat had to nibble at my coaster under my used oil pot which was probably quite tasty from the oil that splashed over it. Eeeeyeeea!

Now, I dare not open my kitchen window or door or go out to the backyard. The other day, I saw another bigger rat running about in the backyard. Eeeeeyeeea!

Thank you rat. My kitchen is sparkling clean now.  But I am not finished with my rat stories yet. Will write more about that another day.

Now, I’ll have to think of how to get rid of the lizards in my kitchen. Sigh.

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