What a week!

I surrender. I never thought I would say this but “I can’t wait for the maid to arrive.” Haha. Actually, I detest the idea of having a maid. I like taking care of my house myself. I enjoy my privacy. I don’t have another person to worry about nor face some of the challenges that those with a maid have to face. I think that if my mum who had 5 kids and no modern amenities can do it then why can’t I?

However, after a week of wiping poo off toilet floors, and vomit from dining floors and handwashing soiled clothing etc etc etc, I give up. I can’t wait for the maid to arrive to assist me with some of the boring household chores so I can concentrate on what matters, my husband and kids and not forgetting myself and my blog too. I wish to spend more quality time with hubby and kids and have more time to myself too.

One day when big sis called to ask how I was right after I had finished spraying detergent on the toilet floors where I had wiped off poo, finished handwashing clothes and dealt with 3 screaming kids (having fun) and 1 which vomitted from too much fun plus the same strain of cough as mine, I laughed and laughed so hard over the phone.

Dad did not make it to the toilet twice to poo this week. But the good thing is he finally agreed to take a bath after those accidents. “I am afraid to take a bath” he tells me. “What is it you are afraid off?” I ask him. “Is it the sound of the water? Is it the cold?” “Its the cold” he says. “You don’t know what its like” he continues. “It leaves me uncomfortable the whole day afterwards, cold all over the body and up to the head.” he says. He agreed to bathe then but changed his mind. I persisted and he agreed at last. I sat outside the bathroom door waiting for him. He took a long time but after he came out he looked relieved and happy and said “That was shiok. I even poured water over my head.” I touched his head and it was wet because sometimes he lies about having had a bath. I guess this bathing thing must be a phobia for him for him to resist it so much. Well that was that till another few weeks again.

He was slow and he was lost. Its sad to see a person lose their ability to do simple tasks. Buttoning his shirts, putting on his trousers, removing his socks requires hard concentration for him. Sometimes he forgets what he should do next. I don’t think he knows what time of the day it is. am or pm? Eat and Sleep is the easiest thing to do.

Dad is back at second sister’s house now and I am glad to have my routine back now that the school holidays is over but that darned cough is still around.

While dad was here, big sis came over a few times. Seeing her must have brought back memories of the time when I had a fit to my girl (she saw more of my sis then) because she spoke to me about it again. “I still don’t understand what is this epilepsy thing.” she said suddenly when we were getting ready to nap. I explained to her again and she told me the story of what happened again. “Did you know that baby and I thought you were a monster and we ran behind the door to hide?” I laughed and explained to her again about epilepsy and seizures in as simple terms as I could. Big big words for a 6 year old but its always better to be open to the kids. I assured her that mummy has not had a seizure for one year now because of medication plus adequate rest and exercise then I asked her “Do you still think I am a monster?” “Yes.” she said. “You always shout at us!” Hahaha. “Well, I won’t shout at you if you promise to be a good girl and good boy.” Oops! I really must control my shouting. Lol.

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  1. chinnee says:

    my maid has been staying with us for exactly a week and I am enjoying life like crazy. cannot imagine once i m left without a maid again later on when she goes back 🙁

    Oh, how come she’s going back so soon?

  2. wen says:

    b4 i had my maid i had my privacy. but after the maid came, i was like the queen. but no more and am looking for one, i long for one,.

    Haha. The Queen will come down to earth from cloud 9 with a hard bump when the maid leaves.

  3. sting says:

    i can only imagine what you’ve been thru.. having 1 sick baby is already turning my life upside down! take care ya..

    Oh poor you. When our babies are sick we really go through a hard time, not only taking care of them but worrying about them.

  4. henny says:

    Nice to know you’re back in blogging! haha..
    Maids really can help moms you know. hope you’ll get a good one.

    Yes, I’m back. Did you miss me? Hehe.

  5. mott says:

    It’s hard to take care of the elders, and kids, by yourself. I really tabik you for taking this task while ur sis has a break. I tried taking care of my granma..for just one night..and I already was going nuts!

    And I tabik you for taking care of 3 including a baby and still have the time to blog and run a community.

  6. Moomykin says:

    It is quite awesome how you talk to your child about your sickness. I agree it should be in the open.

    It’s also good if you could teach her what to do should she witness another fit, be it at home or else where. I am sure she would want to take care of you too. It’ll also be useful to reduce her fear and know something can be done to “solve” the problem.

    I’ve taught her what to do to help me and to ring her dad. The younger one is still learning his dad’s phone number so he can learn to call too as its usually just me and him at home in the mornings when his sister is in kindy.

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