My love affair with food


I love food. I love trying out new foods. I think how we view food is in a way related to our upbringing a little.

I think my love affair with food began from young. Mum died early so it was just Dad and us. Dad showed his love to me with food. He was a policeman. When he came back home from late night duty, he would bring home special foods for supper for me. I would wait for him to come home eagerly. Sometimes he took me out to places to try new foods.

Later on, as a single working adult, I continued going out to try new foods with my friends. I continued to eat out often with Dad too.

Hubby on the other hand is not adventurous with food. As a single working adult he would often takeaway fast foods and eat those. He would have TV dinners ie eat his takeaway food in front of the TV. (Thats my own definition for TV dinners). When he finds a type of food he likes, he would eat it often, like every other day.  According to him, he has no time to think about food so he just eats what he likes often. This makes it easy for me. Since he has such an easy to please palate, all I need to do is cook his favourite food everyday. Haha.

Earlier on in our relationship, we had a lot of food related arguments because of the way we are so different in our love for food. However, now we have sort of gravitated towards each other in a good food way. He has come to be a little bit more adventurous now and I don’t mind having repeat TV dinners.

What about you? Do you eat to live or do you live to eat? 😉

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  1. henny says:

    Sometimes I live for food, but other times vice versa.
    haha…it depends.

    I guess you are right. It depends on the mood but most of the time I live to eat. Haha.

  2. Lia says:

    wahhh that looks delish. Our family always been very adventurous when it comes to food, we LOVE to discover new dishes, eat. That explains my size perhaps haha My grandma and great aunties were amazing cooks, the love they poured into their food made it even better. Also I come from penang hehehehee we like our food there I guess 😉

    Hubby’s family arent too bad as they go when it comes to food, hubby’s quite willing to go makan, try new things, cook new dishes so good also.

    We may live to eat but heck, why not enjoy it too 🙂

    My mom was a great cook too but she passed away early and from there on we used to eat catered food most of the time (yucky) and learned to cook ourselves early (which is not so bad altho we’re all never as good as her) and which explains why I like to eat out most of the time – because I’m just so used to it haven’t grown up that way. Hey, you’re almost like peas in a pod with hubby then when it comes to food. Saves on arguing about food, just go out and eat and enjoy. Haha.

  3. cloudsters says:

    This will sound strange, but we don’t so much enjoy food as we enjoy television programs about cooking: No evening is complete without some show about a tired restaurant revamping its menu and decor, or a city-dweller retreating to the tranquility (and healthy eatin’) of rural life.

    Haha. Yes, it does sound strange.

  4. Jefferene says:

    I used to tell people that I live to eat!! I love foods too!

    Yummy yummy says my tummy and yours too! (but I think my tummy is bigger than yours. Hahaha.

  5. Ann says:

    I definitely live to eat….I ALWAYS eat what I want to eat. And never eat what I do not want to eat.

    Yes, but sometimes we make the kids eat what they don’t want to eat. Gulp.

  6. chinnee says:

    i am like you, very adventurous with food while hb is the playsafe type, will only go to restaurant that he has been before. so boring 🙁

    Haha. Then you must make him a bit more adventurous.

  7. Shireen says:

    I guess I’m the type who eats to live but my hubby is the polar opposite… he lives to eat. I guess there’s a balance here. But sometimes, I still like to indulge a little on good food… but my hubs, nope, he loves food and doesnt mind spending a lot on good food.

    Haha. You’re the opposite of most of the gals here who live to eat. You’re not called healthfreakmommy for nothing eh?

  8. allthingspurple says:

    your dad sounds like my dad. Used to take us to popular places for food, no matter how far, and we used to whine,”papa, tau liau mei yeo?”/are we there yet?

    as for food, my husb is the eat to live type. also got lots of disagreeemnt over food in initial marriage life.

    Its rather fun to drive far far to eat. Hehe.

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