Writing about being a SAHM brought back memories of the days when I was working and the most stressful moments I had at work. (My most significant work was 7 years as a conference organiser and 7 years as a remisier.) Here are my unforgetable heart stopping moments.

1. I had organised a conference on “How to List Your Company Successfully on the KLSE.” We had a panel discussion with merchant bankers, financiers, legal personalities etc when suddenly in the last hour or minute rather, the Chairman of the panel called up and said “I’m sorry, I can’t make it. Can you take over as Chairman?” *faints*

2. There was another instance when I organised a Property Conference and we had a Minister to open it. Having a Minister to open the Conference requires special protocol and it was my first time dealing with it so I was nervous. I had to time it just right. The Minister would arrive in his car, then I had to walk up to him/her and pin a flower on his lapel/her baju kurung then signal my colleague to announce to the Conference Attendees to rise and welcome the Minister. Everything had to be in perfect timing. As usual, last minute, my boss rang up and said “I can’t make it. You have to take my place.” We quickly change the placards. Then I had to guide the Minister to sit on the stage with the rest of the panel and with me beside him. *faints* (After I learned the ropes, this protocol was no longer frightening to me but that was my first time. It was scary man.)

3. At the same Property Conference, the Minister’s office had arranged for the press to come in droves. I had never handled so many press people before. All of them crowded round with their cameras and TV lights demanding for a press kit which we had not prepared because we weren’t aware that so many of them would turn up with the Minister. Usually when we have a Conference, we would invite the press but this time the Minister had something to announce, so his office arranged for the press without informing us. *faints*

4. Once, I arranged a Conference for Public Relations professionals which included a few site visits to a printing workshop as well as to the Star Newspaper office. The Star Office was the last place we visited on the first day. Everyone was tired and wanted to go home. There were about 30-40 participants and the stupid bus that we hired turned up very very late to send us back to the hotel. I had to keep on apologising while sweating all the time because the participants were rather furious. *sweats*

5. Once, we invited a speaker with fantastic credentials online. We had never done work with him before. Everything was online. On the day of the Seminar, he turned up in the morning reeking with alcohol! That was probably my most embarrassing moment. *face turn red* (not from alcohol)

6. Once, the hotel I was working with messed up. As a safety measure, I always check the hotel a day before the event. Even then they forgot and placed us in a different room from what they promised and what was printed on our delegates tickets. Gosh! It was a tiring morning trying to look for all our lost sheep even with the signage informing them about the change. *sweats*

7. Another time, I went to the hotel in the evening to check that the printers had delivered our Conference Papers. To our shock and dismay, they had inserted the pages all wrong. We had to stay till 11pm to sort them out one by one. *tired*

8. Once, my boss was a bit late in paying the hotel and the stupid hotel threatened to lock the door and not allow our participants to enter until we paid! &*%$#! I think they should have practise more discretion in demanding for payment. *&^%$#*

9. We had another sister company which runs short certificate courses. On the graduation day, I was suddenly told (last minute as usual) to make speeches and present the certificates to a roomful of eager participants. Yikes! I hate public speaking. The usual I can muster up is the short introduction of my Conference Speakers but this one was a looooong one. *big sweat*

10. Last but not least is probably the time I sold stocks that my client did not possess and I didn’t know about it till the time for delivery and I was queried by the KLSE and had to submit a written report to them. *unhappy*

Writing this, it strikes me that its really strange that I spent equally 7 years on each job but I only have one item for the years I spent as a remisier. That must be because I didn’t really enjoy that job at all. Every moment was a stressful moment to me. Haha. Every time I want to key in an order I get big sweats trying to make sure I get it right. Afterall, everything is about $$$$ and a small mistake could mean big $$$$$. Aiyoyo. Scary.

I loved the other job though. I loved running around. We conducted Seminars and Conferences and In-house Training for large MNCs. After awhile, I knew the job and the Speakers at the back of my hand so I was confident in it. I ate a lot too! Haha. At every event, there was always two tea breaks and a huge buffet lunch. Lol!. I planned our Annual Training Calander and it was always full to maximise profits. Hehe. In each week there would be almost daily events. Sometimes, I had to be at two places at one time! Sometimes we travelled outstation together with the MNC staff for their in-house training usually on team building etc. I attended so many courses myself because as an organiser we could sit in and pick which ones we wanted to attend.

We did research and spoke to many people about their jobs from clerical to top management. We did all sorts of seminars for all sorts of industries. We visited Factories and Offices and almost all the newest hotels. We ran courses from Factory Management to CarPark and Building Management to PR professionals and for CEOs on how to handle the media etc. We did training work for small groups of 10 or large groups of 200. We travelled to attend courses and trade fairs to update ourselves. It was great fun!

Apart from the running around, I also enjoyed the “paperwork” of writing up the brochures simply because I love to write.

Miss CheongHei (Long Winded) has gotten carried away again. What I wanted to ask was…. What was YOUR most stressful moment at work? Care to share?

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