Apart from the usual “What to cook today?”, I also have the following on my mind….

  1. What to ask my doctor on my upcoming doc visit
  2. Chinese School…National School….Chinese School….National School (since we have just one more month to decide)
  3. How to tell my maid that I have epilepsy and teach her what to do in case of a seizure without frightening her and make her think that I am bad, possessed or that its contagious. Now thats a tough one. I’ve got some reading materials in Malay etc but I still won’t know her reaction.
  4. This one I need some help with. We’re thinking of taking the kids to Genting for the first time but we haven’t been there ourselves for ages so we don’t know where to stay or what’s nice for kids aged 4 and 6. Any suggestions anyone?

Hmm… I thought I had more thoughts than this. Anyway, writing things down always help. This way my thoughts can be more structured. Otherwise, my mind will be in a blur jumping from one unresolved issue to another.

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