Life with a maid

We celebrated our maid’s birthday recently by buying her a cake and singing a birthday song for her. No gift since she’s just with us for slightly over a month. Perhaps next year if she’s still with us, hopefully.

Life with a maid is certainly better despite its slight downside of loss of privacy, extra expense (not just in her salaries but we are now feeding an extra mouth and taking care of an extra person. Our groceries bills has shot up) etc.

On the upside, we now have a cleaner house and daily home cooked meals (I cook, she cleans up) and I have more time for the kids and the spouse.

Its the school holidays now and we have lots of activities planned. Learning Chinese together, reading online together, doing arts and crafts, practising school concert speeches, doing scrap book projects. Our entire day is filled with these. In addition I have to cook (but I don’t need to clean up now. Hooray!). I need to do my exercises and of course theres the man to take care of when he gets home from work.

Previously I would have done all those too but the house would have suffered and our food as well. Now, I can do all of those and still get good food and a clean house. Its been good so far. 🙂 Lets hope it stays this way.

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16 thoughts on “Life with a maid

  1. agree with you. as long as they are good to us, then we shall close one eye. just beware since she is still new. my maid now learn to lie and i catch her a few times. despite that, she still a great help in taking care of my babies.

    I try my best not to give her a reason to lie meaning I monitor her work closely. Its more time consumming but I think its worth it because it helps to keep potential problems at bay, well, hopefully, anyway.

  2. i love cooking but not the cleaning part too. hahahah

    The best is to be like a chef. Have someone prepare everything for you and you just cook. Hehe. But usually I don’t do that lah for better errm quality control. The best person to wash our own veges is still ourselves right or not?

  3. Good for you then for all those things you can do.
    Somehow, for me, the existence of maid on my daily routinity is really helpful too. Like you, I really hate to ‘cuci-cuci piring dan beres-beres dapur’ after cooking! Sometimes it need more times than cooking itself.

    You are right. The cooking part takes up so much less time compared to the cleaning up! I do enjoy cooking but sometimes the cleaning up really puts me off cooking.

  4. Hmm…seems like having a maid is better.

    Its better in the sense that I can concentrate on the things or rather the people that matters. Housework just takes up too much time. Time is so precious. I would rather use that time to spend quality time with my spouse and kids.

  5. I am so glad to hear that things are working out well for you. I agree totally that these are the reasons why we need a maid, so that we have more time with our kids and spouse, and yours is coming along well.


    p/s- like your holiday activities!!

    To have more time with our spouse and kids as well as to have a cleaner house and better, healthier home cooked food for everyone. 🙂

  6. wah lucky you got someone to help you out…i hv to do everything by myself…but i don’t cook everyday for hubby & myself but i cook everyday for my baby only hahaha…
    with someone to lend a helping hand, we get to do our own stuffs ie facials, spa, exercise or catching up with friends (ohh i sure miss them!)

    Andrewjune, actually, I have been doing everything myself for years without any help from anyone so I’m newly “lucky”. Haha. Now, with a maid, I have more time with my spouse and kids but I still don’t have time for my own stuff like facials, spas, and catching up with friends. Lol!

  7. Ya….I think having a maid allows us to concentrate on the more valueable things in life. People are telling me to have one when I have my 2nd child, but I do not know if I am ready for the ‘invasion’ in privacy and the extra expense.

    There are pros and cons of course.

  8. I always admire ppl who treat the maids well:)
    It automatically tells me the master must be a really nice person:) I just cannot stand those who treat the maids like some servant whom they can abuse, scream and lose temper on..

    I feel the same way as you. I also can’t stand seeing maids running around after kids and doing everything for them.

  9. i dont have enuf for a maid to do but on the other hand it keeps me busy without a maid to help me…sounds confusing?

    No, it is not confusing at all. I know exactly what you mean! If not for my health condition, I would not be having a maid. My maid is so free now, I am cracking my head to think about what hobby I can teach her to occupy her and yet, without one, I would be terribly busy myself. Haha.

  10. teach your maid to sew or knit..hehe..i’m happy to see/hear that your maid is working out well for you.

    I don’t know how to knit or sew. Haha. But I do know how to cross stitch so I’ve been showing her books and asking her whether she’s got minat to learn. The problem is she says yes to everything so its hard to guage whether she’s got real interest.

  11. so nice of you to celebrate your maid’s birthday. i dun even remember when is mine!

    We marked it on the calander and the kids were excited about it too. 🙂

  12. It’s really good to treat the helping hand decently.. that’s for sure. There are pros and cons of having a maid.. but like me.. i have a babysitter. and yes.. she is such a gem.. 🙂

    Its good to have good help isn’t it?

  13. your maid must be very happy to have such a nice mam like you 🙂

    my previous maid loves to eat cake very much, everytime when we celebrated birthday, she would be the one who ate the cake the most, hehe…

    Mine says the cake is too sweet and she is not used to eating such sweet things. 🙂

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