Tadadum. Friend pops out on MSN. Chat chat chat chat.

Ring ring. 2nd sis calls up. Chat chat chat chat. Still chatting on MSN.

Ring Ring. Big sis calls up. Chat chat chat chat. Still chatting on MSN.

Ding. Blogger kawan pops up on Gmail informing about opportunity. Sob sob. No time to do. Still chatting on MSN.

Tada. Receives email from blogger kawan asking for advise on opportunity. Writes reply. Still chatting on MSN.

Light Bulb. Search online for good e-cards to send to good buddy. Still chatting on MSN.

Ring. Ring. Big sis calls up again. Chat chat chat chat. Still chatting on MSN.

Link. Link. Friend on MSN sends some links over to read. Read read read read.

Light bulb. Writes email to hubby informing him about plans made with sisters. Still chatting on MSN.

Light bulb. Sends e-card to friend. Muaks dearie.

Light bulb. Decides to write this post.

Grumble. Grumble. “Mommy, not yet even start the day. Not yet even start the day.” Kids looking for me because every morning since the start of the school holidays, I spend time with them teaching and playing with them but this morning, I got distracted BIG TIME! Hehe. I’ve exhausted all avenues of communication. MSN, Gmail, Email, Phone, Internet, In person. Phew!

Aiyoyo. OMG. Half the morning is gone! Better run. Bye bye friend. Bye bye sisters, bye bye blog. Still got to teach and play with the kids and cook. Luckily now got maid. Hehe. Andร‚ย in reply to Sasha.ร‚ย Yah, Yah, I eksyen now, can anot?

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