Three pounds backwards, Five Pounds Forewards


*steps on the scales gingerly*


Its a case of one step forward, two steps back. Remember I said I lost 3 pounds after the maid arrived because I could control my food better?

As it turned out, I controlled my food so well, that I started making nice teas etc for the kids and ate along with them and then…….. Not only did I regain my 3 pounds, I added another 2 pounds making a total gain of 5 pounds. 5 POUNDS! *Sobs*

My tummy is back with a vengance. My arms. Oh my arms. They look so aunty. (Well, I am aunty but don’t have to look like aunty wut!) And not to mention those elephant thighs. And the double chin thats reforming. HEELLLP!

Ok. Ok. Calm down. (tells self). Remember your self professed double it half it diet? Just double  your veges and half your rice and DON’T EAT THE CHILDREN’S LEFTOVERS!!!!!!

And forget about teas and suppers with the kids (still telling self). Just prepare the food for them then walk away and let them enjoy it. No need to sit down with them and chat and EAT.

But then mooncake festival is on Sunday. I just gotta have some mooncakes at least. Its just once a year. So how? Nvm, nvm, don’t be so hard on yourself, lets start after Sunday then shall we? Aiyah, like that how to lose weight friend!

Some more want to bake. Better forget about baking for now. Otherwise sure grow fatter trying all the muffins and cakes that nobody else wants to eat when it doesn’t turn out well. Gulp!

How lah. How lah. 5 POUNDS is a lot. How to take it off and take some more off. Its going to be such hard work and self discipline. Right, I should go and do some exercise now. Sitting around blogging isn’t going to help me lose weight. Cheerio…..

Have a happy weekend and don’t eat too many mooncakes (telling self again). Happy Mid Autumn Festival and Happy Playing Lantern with the kids for those of you with kids. For those without, you can pak tor with Lanterns too. Very romantic.

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  1. lia says:

    at least with the muffins, you can have savoury ones too.. and you can have healthy versions of the sweet ones.. and you can control what goes into these things lah 🙂

    good way to experiment 😀

    I prefer savoury to sweet but for muffins I think I prefer sweet. It’ll be strange to eat savoury muffins, well, to me, that is. 🙂

  2. Moomykin says:

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. 🙂

    Yes, not eating the kids’ left-overs I think will help a lot. Have a per dog/ cat instead to do that. Hahaha…

    At our age, diet alone not enough. Must exercise to burn up the calories!

    What I’ve tried to do is take less for myself so that I have space for their leftovers. Haha.

  3. Angeline says:

    *laugh* I’ve been eating the children’s leftover for the past 2-3 years, instead of increasing, I decreased *laugh* reverse effect on me…I’m glad I don’t need to do that anymore, cos they can finish their food now… hmmmm….I wonder, will I ‘increase’ then? *wink*

    Eh, how come you decrease pulak? Not fair! 🙁

  4. michelle says:

    Hehehe…I tend to eat my children leftovers too but they eat all the fatty stuff for me like choc, ice-cream, junk food…etc.

    Errr… I tend to eat the fatty stuff together with them. Kenot tahan mah… can see cannot touch very susah. Haha.

  5. Alan says:

    LOL!!!! I feel like I’ve gained 10lbs. “cleaning off” my child’s plate after meals. I hope that soon he’ll be asking if I’m going to finish my plate. 🙂

  6. Ann says:

    hahaha…reckon the main trouble is the suppers! Cut that and you should be alright eating whatever you want (in moderation) throughout the day.

    But sadly you are right….bake too many muffins/cakes and if no one likes to eat it how? My mum always tells me…if want to add calories, might as well go for a GOOD cake of the speicifc craving taste from Secret Recipie or likewise. Don’t make me waste calories!!!

    So, waiting for my kids to grow up so that I can bake yummies for them!

    My mum used to love to bake but then there were 5 of us to wallop whatever she baked. I guess the more kids you have, the more economical it is to bake. Hahaha.

  7. henny says:

    hahaha…relax MG!
    You know, we used to be like a ‘yo-yo’ when talking about our weight. Remember we’re above 35..
    Only 3 pounds doesn’t make you not interesting :),but no more, ok?!
    Maybe this is also the effect of having a maid at home. I lost 1 kilo now without a maid for 2 weeks.
    have a nice weekend…

    Eh, cannot relax! Must be because I’m too relaxed, thats why. Hahaha.

  8. sesame says:

    I’ve been losing weight though. (don’t whack me k.) I think eating pineapples and lots of other fruits help.

    Pineapples you say? Right, I’m going to get pineapples for dessert. Haha.

  9. mott says:

    sigh..I hear u woman. I hear you.

    Throw away those scales! Must be defective!

    HA HA HA! I wish..sigh!

    Now why didn’t I think of that. I think you must be right. The scales are defective. Thats it. Hahaha.

  10. health freak says:

    Tell me bout it. I still have 4kg to shed to reach my pre-pregnancy weight but but but, I just cant resist all those food that my mil cooked, and all those mooncakes, etc. I should work-out more!!

    You don’t look fat lah!

  11. elwi says:

    Hehehe you remind me the panic I felt when I whoop up 3.5 kg in one month when I was pregnant, my doctor limitation is only 1.5 kg max/ month. So, I exercise…Promise you it help a lot and keep you energized.
    I love those mooncake, I always pamper myself with all kind I’m able to reach but I control my eating, I ate only 1/8 of each kind (we have around 8 boxes of mooncake all with various flavours)So I can eat them daily anytime I want loh…

    On the contrary, I lost weight during the first trimester of my pregnancy but I gained tremendously while breastfeeding, again quite to the contrary.

  12. shoppingmum says:

    OMG! 5 pounds sound like a lot. LOL!
    I do it this way…throw the weighing machine out of the house, and just use the clothes as “benchmark”. As long as I still look “ok” in my clothes, I’m happy with my weight. LOL!

    With 5 pounds, I would certainly have broken the clothing “benchmark”. Haha. Ok time to exercise now. Hup 2, 3, 4. Hup 2, 3, 4. Hehe.

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