Not safe even with auto gates

My friend has experienced a situation where she was robbed by men with parang in the porch of her house. This was several years ago. It was late at night. She had gotten down to shut the gate but the men were hiding in wait.

My sister in law has been robbed in front of her gate before as well, after walking her daughter from kindy and while she was trying to open her gate.

I installed auto gates at my house not only to protect myself from the rain but as a safety measure as well, so that I don’t have to get down to shut my gate manually. That makes me feel more vulnerable. Staying in the car makes me feel a bit more protected.

However, recent cases where women were robbed in their porch even with auto gates installed has taken away this false sense of security. In both cases, the robbers ran into the porch after the women drove into the porch. It is not safe anymore. Not even in the porch of  your house. Not even with auto gates.

A neighbour informed us to be careful recently after his son in law got down to check his auto gates when returning home in the night. The robbers had tied the gates together so it would not open. This made the victim get down to inspect the gates and thats when they struck.

So, don’t ever be lulled into a false sense of security. Always, always be on the alert for any strangers who may be lurking or hiding in bushes etc. And if your auto gate does not open, be extra alert.

Speaking of auto gates………… this is an unrelated rant, I do wonder why my neighbour who has auto gates installed, has to honk her rather loud horn several times each day to get her maid to open her auto gates for her. Hmmm…..

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  1. michelle says:

    That lady is carry too much cash and I suspect her pouch must be very big. A man ran in also cannot see…hrmm.

    But I guess, we should be able to carry pouches or bags as big as we want without worry in a better safer world.

  2. FamilyFirst says:

    My bro-in-law was also robbed TWICE just outside our gate. They came with parangs too. Its just too scary. We recently bought a new home in a guarded and gated community, cos I fear for my young son. Its not 100% safety but hope it would be better. Living in the city means having to pay a high price incl our safety which is sad.

    But you still have to watch out for “Inside jobs”. These days, the robbers or crooks rent the houses within the gated community to do their dirty job.

  3. FamilyFirst says:

    Oh one more thing, maybe we should stay in our car after we drive into the porch until the auto-gate closes, only after that we come out and open our house door? Again, not 100% safe but need to take whatever precaution steps available.

    Yes, stay in the car and keep the doors lock. However, in those cases, the car windows were broken with force. Sigh.

  4. mott says:

    AH..I hate neighbours like that. Honk like no tomorrow..ERR HALLLO???????!!! YOU THINK YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO LIVES HERE ISSIT???

    Sorry…I had a neighbour like that. BLEK!


    I feel like telling my neighbour that.

  5. Adino says:

    So scary nowadays. Sometimes the robbers will kill their victim even after getting all the money and valuables. So evil.

    Yes, very cruel. Just take the money enuf adi lah.

  6. sasha says:

    when the auto gate close, we gotto look see if anyone snooped when it is closing. Not safe anymore. Even gotto becareful with the auto gate installer cos they have master key to open the door wan.. not safe not safe anymore

    Yes, always look in the rear view mirror. Don’t be distracted chit chatting on the handphone etc.

  7. shoppingmum says:

    I was more paranoid when we stayed in Ipoh, but over here, we don’t lock our gate but only our doors at night. Seriously, I think Malaysia is not so safe… 😛

    As you know, here we lock the gate, we lock the grills, we lock the door and still we don’t feel safe.

  8. sting says:

    it’s quite unsafe these days ya? sigh.. gone were the days where we can leave our main gate unlock..

    oh I have a neighbor who honks just as he’s reaching his home (loudly I may add) for his wife to open the gate. And if she takes a longer time, he’ll honk loudly again…

    Thats really annoying. I would be even more annoyed if I were the wife. Haha.

  9. Ann says:

    No where and no method is fullproof now a days.

    Have to always be aware!

    And your last statement tickled me….don’t understand these people right!!!

    Nope, I certainly don’t understand them.

  10. Angeline says:

    I guess no situation is safe, if your luck is down.

    I think that not only luck is at play here. You have to be careful all the time too. Because a lot of crime takes place because of opportunity.

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