How quickly the time is flying by. The end of the year is nearly upon us. Next year we the parents will have to go through two milestones. 

We are sending one kid off to Chinese Primary School for the first time and another one to kindy for the first time. There will be lots of preparation. We would need to get the kids uniforms, school shoes and school stationaries etc not to mention prepare them mentally for it by talking to them about how school is like etc.

I am a bit nervous about not being able to understand what the teachers are talking about during the orientation for the Standard One students in the Chinese Primary School. I look at the leaflet on the program that has been handed out and I have no idea what it says!

I presume that they will be talking about school regulations and rules. Oh dearie me. I won’t understand a word they are saying so how am I going to translate the rules to my girl? My sister tells me that she gave up attending the PTA of her kids’ Chinese school after a while because she couldn’t understand a thing of whats going on.

Hmmm… I want to be an involved parent but how to be involved when I can’t understand the language?

Oh well, we’ll cross the bridge when we come to it. First things first. Right now, I’ve got other things to prepare the kids for. School Concert, Piano Concert, School Trip, School Party, Registration for Kindy, Submit necessary forms of vaccinations etc to School.

Parenting is really a very dynamic ongoing lesson. Not too long ago, we had to learn about why babies cry and the color of their poo and how often they should be fed and how many diapers they should wet in a day.

Now they are passed the baby and toddler stage, we have to prepare ourselves for the next Chapter in Parenting. But are we ready for it? I’m really nervous about sending my kids off to school. Its only October now but I’m already thinking of January. lol. I think I’m more nervous than them! Hahaha.

See the school bus above? I feel as if I am about to take the school bus to embark on my next journey in Parenting. Taking care of school going kids is very different from handling babies and toddlers.

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