A little Blooming Flower

Once upon a time there was a little girl. The little girl has a younger brother. Before her brother was born, she was mostly alone with her mommy when her daddy went to work.

Whenever there was a family gathering, she cried when she saw her uncles and aunties. She would hide her face and looked a bit stressed. “She is so shy because she didn’t have much of a chance to socialise being at home with just her mommy”, everyone said.

Even when she became a toddler, she was still shy. Whenever her aunts came to visit, she would run under the table and hide and refuse to come out.

Once she was at a gathering where her whole family was being photographed by lots of people. She hid her face in her father’s shoulder throughout the whole session. She refused to look up even with much coaxing.

Soon the little girl became a preschooler but she still stayed at home with just her mommy and now with her little brother too. Her parents had intended to send her to preschool at age 5 1/2. They had registered her but then her mommy was sick so they decided to postpone it till age 6.

Now, entering kindergarten at age 6 for the first time is almost unheard of these days. “She will become a social pariah.” some people warned. Up till then she had not attended any nursery school, playgroup, Sunday school or whatever group. Her mommy was a little bit worried. Perhaps her little girl was not being given a chance to blossom by not giving her opportunities to mix around and learn things outside of the home. Afterall these are the important growing years where they soak up information like a sponge. Oh dear. Oh dear.

Finally the little girl entered preschool. She enjoyed it very much. There was no tears to deal with. It was an easy transition.

The little shy girl whom some thought would remain shy because of the lack of opportunity to socialise was selected for a main speaking part in her year end school performance.

“Mommy, I’m afraid everyone will laugh at me.” she said. This worried her parents. They did all that they could to help her overcome her fear. The night before the performance, her parents did not sleep well from nervousness. 😉

When the moment came, the little girl walked up tall to the stage, stood in front of an audience of 300 plus adults and spoke with confidence. Her parents were very proud of her.

Later she told her mommy, “I was scared mommy, but I tried.” The little girl had bloomed into a beautiful flower.

And this story is told for all the other mommies who face pressure and worry about having their little ones at home with just them instead of sending them to school at age 4 and below. No worries, your little ones will blossom too when the time comes. You can tell anyone who pressures you to send your child to school early to MYOB! Hahaha. Or you can tell them this story of A little Blooming Flower. 😉

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10 thoughts on “A little Blooming Flower

  1. oh…(tears welling up)…that’s just so GREAT!

    Applause applause little one.
    And a great big hug to you too mummy!

    Yeah, I was really worried that she’d remain a shy wallflower and don’t know how to interact with others.

  2. Your girl did great on stage, and that’s a great achievement. 🙂
    And this story is very inspiring!

    This story is for all the naysayers out there who thinks that you are doing something wrong if you are not doing things their way or not following the crowd. Heheh.

  3. good on u MG!

    Being shy has nothing to do with growing up by yourself. One could have 10 siblings and STILL be shy!

    I couldn’t help being worried though, given her “track record.” hahaha.

  4. wow, she did a great job, 2 thumbs up to her! it’s not easy to speak in front of so many people, I can imagine that 🙂

    my SIL too, sent her daughter to pre-school at 6, that’s early this year and her daughter doesn’t have any problem to socialize with others…

    I wasn’t worried about her academic skills because I was teaching her at home but at one time there, I was a bit worried about her social skills. 🙂

  5. Hi there! For a moment there, I thought you were going to reveal that you were describing a long-ago episode in your childhood, when you overcame your shyness as a girl.

    Anyway, You’ve Been Tagged (there ought to be a electronic ‘ding ding’ to go along with this, but oh well) over at our blog. Come see… well, maybe in another hour or so, when the post is actually sent out. Still furiously typing and tagging.


    You’re right about this electronic ‘ding ding”. It’ll be really useful. Hahaha. Thanks for the tag.

  6. well done MG! guess u have proven us worriers wrong too…i’m happy for your blooming flower and you. she was very brave!

    btw, what about ur performance? or did i miss a post on that?

    Oh you must be referring to the piano performance. We discovered that its not a major concert after all but a mere playing at a showroom so we’re less afraid now, well, at least I am. Hahaha. But I was talking about her kindy concert not the music school concert. She was the English Emcee.

  7. Amazing story.

    She will appreciate this when she is all grown-up and can read your blog for herself.

    Btw, How did the mother and daughter piano recital go?

    Oh, that. We found out that the “concert” is not at a big venue but at the small school itself. (I wonder how they’ll accomodate people. Haha.) but thats not over yet so we have another bridge to cross. Hehe.

  8. Hi hi, thanks for visited my blog earlier..http://samydy.blogspot.com/

    You have done a good job in maitaining so many blogs…

    I love this stry..is nice yet touching!

    May I know how should I address you and your kids?
    Can I add your blog into my blogroll?

    Of course I don’t mind if you add me. Hehe. I will add you too. I blog annonymously so you can address me as MG (derived from MumsGather) hehe and my kids as girl and boy, son and daughter or whatever. 😛

  9. MG,
    Glad to have your reply and I am so happy I have another new blogging fren now.

    Okok, hihi to your son and dotter..

    Hi Joanne. I’m glad to make a new fren too! Hehe.

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