I love to personalize my pages. One of the pages that loads whenever I switch on my PC is my personalized iGoogle Homepage. My husband doesn’t bother with personalization. Maybe he doesn’t have the time. Hehe.

My personalized iGoogle Homepage contains the RSS to all the local news. I read the foreign news from Google News so I don’t add it here. I have The Malaysian Insider, MySinchew News, The Star Online, NST Current, Malay Mail, Bernama, EMedia News, Malaysiakini. Everything also sapu for a balanced view. Hehe.

Then I have Inspirational Quotes because I like to look at beautiful pictures and read positive words. I have the KL weather, a dictionary and a translator. And of course I have a link to my Gmail and Google Reader plus all the RSS to all my blogs so that dear Google bot would not miss it. Hahaha. I read this tip somewhere.

Sometimes I add new gadgets to my personalized page and sometimes I remove it when I am bored with it. The above is what I have currently.

And at the moment I am using this really beautiful theme on the header. Its called Winter Village. It has a lovely snow scene with the sun that rises and sets in real time and a sky that brightens and darkens with it. Thats just so cool and the headers are all in a nice calming blue. I like it. I think the theme is just nice to put me in a Chrismasy mood. Hehe. I’m too lazy to do a screenshot but you can check out the link if you are interested. And no, this is not a sponsored post. Hehe. I just wanted to share the link to this theme because I love it!

Do you personalize your Yahoo, MSN, Google pages? What do you have on it?

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