Making a hotel reservation and confirmation

I am trying to book accomodation for balik kampung during Chinese New Year. Its not too early you know. Chinese New Year is on January 26 and 27 in 2009. I used to leave everything last minute. Once we even balik kampung without any reservations! We were fortunate to find a room. Hehe. So this year, I am trying to do plan a bit better so that we don’t have to rush around last minute as we did previously. 🙂

Now, what I would like to know from everyone is, how do you normally book hotels or make reservations for rooms? Do you go direct to the hotel, through agent or via internet? Which is cheaper and easier?

I tried to go direct to hotel but the rates seem so high. Another thing, they wanted confirmation by paying deposit for one night’s stay which is the norm, given that it is the peak period. Now, I am a paranoid person and I don’t like to give out my credit card information as required. They require the last 3 numbers of the credit card along with other personal details plus a photocopy of the credit card itself, back and front. What if it should fall into the wrong hands?

So I requested to pay by banking in to the banks account but you know what? They don’t accept individual personal cheques. They only accept banking in cash. To me, thats a silly policy because if I bank in now, it will have lots of time to clear. Anyway, they gave my a banking account number with a different payee name, not the hotel name. Ok, so perhaps the payee is the owner of the hotel under a different name but do they really expect people to bank in cash to a name that is registered differently from the hotel name?

When I asked the reservation lady to email the bank account number to me she was not very friendly. I didn’t want her to give it to me over the phone in case I hear wrongly. She just said “Yah” and hung up without even saying goodbye. Mind you, the room is not  cheap since I am taking a big family type room to accomodate my maid as well.

Hmmm…. I am now in two minds whether to look for other accomodation. So I would like to know how does everyone normally make their bookings and confirmations? Can anyone help out this blur queen?

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11 thoughts on “Making a hotel reservation and confirmation

  1. From my few experiences, booking online seem the cheapest way. But of course that means giving out credit card info which you don’t fancy…

    Oh but there are so many online sites. How do you know which is genuine?

  2. I book online mostly, unless I know that the promotion package rate is cheaper by individual hotel. I have no problem giving out my credit card details, and after all these years of booking hotel rooms, I don’t have much problem woh… 😛

    I’ve never booked online before. So old school hoh.

  3. For balik kampung , my kampung is just a small town, I would just called the hotel and do reservation without any booking fees. If for vacation, I usually book online, getting package for example from air asia, of course that one have to pay by credit card to secure the package. From my experience with using credit card online, so far so good.

    Easy for you then. 🙂

  4. online is more convenient etc. I never had such a rigmarole for bookiing rooms though, even when I used to do so over the phone.

    it depends where you want to go?

    Ya loh. No money to stay in 5 star hotel mah.

  5. Online rates are usually cheaper. I have no issues with booking & providing credit card details as well (so far no problem) as I do it almost weekly for boss & other company directors. Also, its a norm to charge for one night stay if you dont turn up. Hope this helps.

    Thank you. Yes it helps. 🙂

  6. I’ve used pyotravel service and I find them good. However not sure if they accept Paypal. I normally do it with credit card

    pyotravel service. Ok noted. Thanks.

  7. Do not photostat n give credit card detail. front and back somemore. crazy hotel. try booking online or buy voucher through travel agent. some online booking are quite safe.

    Yes, crazy hotel isn’t it?

  8. Which hotel are you booking that required a photocopy of the credit card? I never encounter that before. Usually they just ask for credit card number that exclude the last 3 digits.

    I’ve never encountered it before either. Oh, don’t they ask for the last 3 digits as well?

  9. I book online too.

    I have one creadit card specially dedicated for that purpose so that when there is a purchase NOT online, then at least I can argue a case with them.

    And some websites and credit companies now have alot of verification done. Especially if you pay using Visa.

    One credit card specially dedicated for online purchase. 🙂 Cute.

  10. Online is ok. If you are very worried, you can always inform your credit card company in advance of the amount and not more. That way, they can check.

    Then again, Not sure if most banks have this check. I only know Citibank does.

    Oh, does Citibank really do that?

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