Piano Concert

We finally played at the Piano Concert. The Piano “Concert” was just a very casual affair held at the music school shop lot itself. You know, one of those casual afternoons where parents go and watch how their children are progressing in their classes.

And then they have to see this old fat lady sing, I mean play. Hehe. I have always dreamed of being able to play the piano and last year my husband made that dream come true by buying me a piano for my birthday, enrolling me in classes, fetching me to lessons and watching the kids during my lessons. Before you think otherwise, no, hubby does not normally buy me extravagant gifts for birthdays. In fact, we are normally rather unromantic and don’t get each other anything at all. So it was a big surprise.  🙂 (Although, I think he was actually investing for the future for the kids. I mean, he has plans to get the kids to learn piano after all, so why not enrol the wifey first so she can help them later. Hehe.) 

This year, we started my girl on piano lessons too. She is six. I have been learning for 1 1/2 years now and the girl about 4 months. The piano teacher comes to our home to teach now because its easier for us to manage that way so hubby doesn’t have to rush home after work to take us there.

On Concert Day, I was supposed to be playing a solo and a duet with my girl. Now, although it was really casual, my fingers were sweaty and my heart was racing. Hahaha. And naturally, I was the oldest student there required to play.  I was hoping that perhaps there might be a grandpa or grandma aged around 60 playing but there was none. Hehe. So I was the oldest, as expected.

Worse still, teacher had picked a really fast song and she wanted me to play along with the CD acccompaniment. Boy, oh boy. I had trouble keeping up with the CD music.

Whats the end result? I was so nervous, I couldn’t keep up to the tempo in some parts, I even had to stop for a while to wait to catch up and I played the wrong key in the finale. Hahaha. However the duet with my girl went perfectly. Woohoo! I think my girl is less nervous than me. Must be all that kindy emcee training she had. She looked cool and collected even though this casual crowd were total strangers to her since we take our lessons at home and not at the school. We held hands, took a bow, played then bowed again. I felt really funny when I had to do that too on my own for the solo in front of the crowd of parents who went there to watch their little ones. Haha.

The music school took advantage of the fact that we were the only mother and daughter team playing. There were many brother and sister or sisters team playing. They even invited other parents to sign up before and after we played. Hmmm….. I should probably charge them a marketing fee. Heheh.

At the end of the day, hubby said he felt like a proud husband and dad. Hehe. Luckily he included the word proud husband, not just proud dad, even though his wife messed up. Oh, but I forgot to thank him for making my dream of playing piano come true, not until I wrote this post. Aiyer.. terrible of me.

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15 thoughts on “Piano Concert

  1. Way to go! Never too late to learn. learning piano is one of my childhood dreams. it’s a big encouragement after reading this post! i’ll kick my “buttock” off the chair and take an action now!

    *Kick kick* I help you to kick. Hehe.

  2. jia you!!!

    clap clap clap..i think if bloggers were there… we’d definitely be hootin’ and rootin’ for you! heheheh..what a bunch of ahbengs these bloggers!


    Aiyooo. If all the bunch of ahbengs bloggers got together to root and hoot, I’d be even more nervous my fingers would turn into icepicks! Hahaha.

  3. oh I remember you wrote a post on this before and I did wonder how it went 🙂 Am glad you had a good time.. hehe

    I don’t think a lot of the audiences knew you “messed up” and you should be really proud of yourself (and your girl too) 🙂

    Luckily got background CD music to mask the mistake but actually the background CD music was the culprit cos I couldn’t keep up to the fast tempo!

  4. so nice your hb, a piano is quite expensive nowadays. and u also daring ler, play in front of so many audience!!

    Oh, he never buy me any present for years and years already and this one is actually investment for his kids mah. Actually the audience was quite small, maybe less than 50 people and it was in a shoplot only, not in a fancy hall or stage, fortunately! Hahaha.

  5. wow, finally! i was waiting and waiting for this too. hehe.

    so proud of both of you! well done, it goes to show that it’s never too late to learn anything you want to.

    Well, long time ago, I learned the organ or electone before so it helped that I can read some music. Hehe.

  6. Wow, cuit..cuit…(clap, clap..)
    Congart to both of you! 🙂
    I just remember (maybe I want to write this) my hubby’s birthday present for me was a mini electric tire inflator!! He said, when I go away so you could pump your car’s tire easily at home…My God!!

    Haha. Well, I’ve got a juicer for Mother’s Day before and I made him some juice on Father’s Day the month after. lol. Anyway, it so happened that we needed a juicer at the time and they were having this Mother’s Day promotion… hahaha. but we don’t buy each other gifts on Mother’s or Father’s Day. We decided to let the kids grow up and understand the significance of the day and let them celebrate with us instead.

  7. I guess your girl gave you the courage that’s why the duet went perfectly than solo. You’ve done a great job nevertheless. Practice makes perfect.

    Haha. Yes, she gave me the courage and not the other way around.

  8. If I’m there, I’ll be envious of you & daughter. Rare chance to perform together with your own kids in public. *proud* *proud*

    My girl is already planning for next year. She said “Mummy, maybe next year we’ll play xxxxx song. Haha. But we’re not sure whether to continue my lessons cos its so expensive for both of us to learn at the same time.

  9. Oh, that is so great! I have learnt piano for ages now and still have no guts to play on stage for full view!

    I only play back stage where no one can see me and the singing can ‘cover’ me !

    Good for you and your little missie!

    Well, it wasn’t really a stage as we were on the same level. Hahaha.

  10. Congrats! Thumbs up to mother & daughter!
    I always dreamed of learning piano when I was teenage, but I never got the chance!
    I plan to send my girl to piano lesson when she is a bit bigger, now she is only 2y5m. At what age do you think it is suitable for her to start? Thanks.

    You can learn with your daughter too. 🙂 Like you, I didn’t know what was a good age to start. I remember writing a post about that somewhere too. If you want the link, I can look for it for you. Anyway, I started my girl at age 6 and I think that is a good age to start because I am told that their fingers need to be developed enough. I asked the teacher to have a look at her fingers to see if she was ready and only started her on lessons when the teacher said she was. However, this days, there are music appreciation classes for very young children (sometimes accompanied by parents) where they learn to clap along with the rhythm etc. I don’t really think those classes are necessary though unless you have extra cash and you want your child to socialise and have fun mixing around etc but this is just my personal opinion. IMO music appreciation can be done at home too if you always sing to and with your child and you clap and dance with them. Why pay extra?

  11. hi mumsgather, sorry for my late response, I got difficulty to load this page the other day and when I got it, my gal accidentally pressed on some buttons and coz the text size became tiny, kekeke…

    thanks for your advice. I am thinking to start her at 5, after reading your comments I will reconsider it or maybe I will ask the piano teacher to check her readiness.
    yup, agree with you in the music appreciation 🙂

    You must make sure your girl loves the lessons too. To make sure my girl loves her lessons, we sing a lot at home. The kids love it when we sing our own make up silly songs in our own tunes. And they see me practise the piano all the time so they want to become like mummy. Haha. As a result the girl loves her lessons. So far, I don’t have to nag at her to practise. She asks to practise. 😉

  12. Congrats MG!!! It is my dream to play the piano too, and i am waiting for my kids to grow up a little more so that i can have time to resume my piano classes.

    It won’t be very long, looking at the speed in which they grow up.

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