Funny Gifts from the spouse

In my previous post, Henny commented that she got the following for a birthday present from her spouse.

….a mini electric tire inflator!! He said, when I go away so you could pump your car’s tire easily at home…My God!!

Hahaha. Well, Henny, I haven’t got an inflator before but I’ve got 4 brand new tyres so that I could drive safely outstation. And as I mentioned to you, once I got a juicer for Mother’s Day so I made juice for him on Father’s Day.

Once, I got shoes……luckily he took me for a daytrip to PD but it sure was painful to walk around the beach in my new shoes. Hahaha.

For me, some flowers, maybe a teddy bear for hugging and a card full of mushy words will mean more to me than any expensive household gadget. I’ll accept the mushy words card minus the flowers and bear too. Hehe. I’ve only got flowers twice. Twice in the 15 years since I’ve known him. Homemade card is even better but must contain mushy words. Hahaha. I’ve never received a homemade card before EVER. Its better than expensive household gadgets and a lot cheaper too, but at the moment, I may accept an oven because I want to learn to bake but I’m just dreaming of course because I have no space for an oven and the man thinks I have enough up my sleeves and has no time for baking so he certainly won’t be getting me one.

We’re practical. We don’t give each other anything on Valentine’s, our Anniversaries and Father’s or Mother’s Day (We’ll leave that one to the kids). Only birthdays sometimes. Even then, I don’t know what to get him each time his birthday comes around.

Tell me ladies, do you like to receive household gadgets as a birthday or other present? What is the most memorable funny gift your spouse has ever given you? Could  you also share what you  think was the best gift you gave your spouse?

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14 thoughts on “Funny Gifts from the spouse

  1. I got a poem and a handmade card before. 😛
    But I would love to get kitchen gadgets like fryer, steamer and etc, but my hubby bought me necklace on my b-day days ago…Cannot complain la hoh? LOL!

    I don’t get jewellery because too worried to wear and too worried to keep in the house also. If keep in safe deposit box, then might as well not have. If as an investment there are other forms of investment…. So in the end no jewellery for me. Hahaha.

  2. I dont really mind kitchen gadgets but the most memorable birthday gift I ever got from hubby (then boyfried) was a totally surprised trip to Gold Coast, Australia! He just said to pack “normally” and turn up at the airport with my passport. I thot i was going to BKK … hahahaha. Then I got married and nothing of that sort ever came along again 🙂

    And after the kids along, you can only dream of such a thing coming along again. Lol.

  3. i would love an oven but hubby doubt i will make it to full use. since my watch is broken, he said will buy one for me but no fun lar picking my own watch; no surprise but then he has bad taste! hahaha.

    and…his birthday is coming soon and i am scouting for ideas on what to buy for him.

    I’m scouting for ideas too.

  4. Mmmm… I have never really told people about this..I received a rocking chair from my hubby (then boyfriend) as valentine gift a few years back. Can anybody beat that?

    As for suggestions for gifts for spouse, why not surprise him with something that he has always wanted (but never thought that you would get it for him)?

    Maybe he was trying to tell you that you rock! Haha.

    As for the surprise gift of something that he always wanted, well, the last two years, I got him his comics collection. So I can’t do another comic collection this year.

  5. MG, I think you are so much better than me. At least you have receive flower for, NIL! Cham hor..

    But for me, I like whatever things that my husband gave me, as long as he gave me with surprise…What happen was, he will like to pick the item with my presence, like that where got fun! No more surprise…

    Well, the first flowers was when he was trying to get to know me and the second…. maybe there wasn’t a second cos I can’t remember! Haha. Yeah, I like the element of surprise too but its hard to plan a surprise when we’re shopping together most of the time. 🙂

  6. I don’t know which is worse – household gifts or no gifts at all!

    I have too practical a husband, you either tell me what you want or you don’t get anything at all!

    Haha. Sama sama lah. My husband is also Mr. Practical. I really prefer him not to ask…..”So… what do you want for your birthday?” 😉

  7. Heheh..I’m a lucky gal… my hubs is very creative at making home-made stuff. He’s better at arts n craft than me!!! I’ve been getting really cool hand-made stuff from him, since… OMG! 10 years ago!

    But…I really won’t mind an electric tyre inflater. heheheheh… HONEST! 😉

    Life’s like that. When you get an electric tyre inflater, you want homemade cards. When you get homemade cards, you want and electric tyre inflater. Hahaha.

  8. hmmm, my hubby’s quite practical too and he likes gadgets so I did get PDA, iPod and digital camera for birthdays. nothing on Valentine, Anniversaries etc

    But he’s quite a romantic once in awhile. The best was he decorated the whole house really beautifully with flower petals and candles to welcome me back from a long overseas trip

    My best present for hubby I guess was a DSLR camera he wanted. Cost me both arms and legs and I had to tell him no Christmas presents from me that year! Now, I don’t ask him what he wants!

    Wuah, so romantic. I thought that only happens in story books and movies. Hahaha.

  9. Glad to know my comments inspired you to post this. For me, household gagdets should never been a birthday present. Not fair lah…it should for everybody at home, not special. The best thing is he usually ask me “what do you want for my birthday” before buy something (except the tire inflator!), but my best & funny memorable gift was the the tire inflator..Confused? haha….
    Hubby, hubby…would never been as romantic as when we’re dating long years ago 🙂

    Mine was never romantic to begin with so he is always telling me that I should be happy that he didn’t change after marriage. Hahaha.

  10. i’m like u, i like flowers and mushy things. Some ppl said I’m stupid for wanting that kinda mushy things. Some said we should ask for money. Eh, money I also got ler (but not that much 🙁 ) and I’ll look stupid when i buy flowers for me-self right? Never give me household stuff before… he better not start also.

    *shake hands* on being stupid. We are so cheap and easy to please. Hahaha.

  11. hahaha…to me, mushy words and flowers are enough to melt my heart but it seems like my hubby prefers to buy me expensive branded stuff. (I’m not bragging but he wants the best for him, expensive things means best – he is def not a romantic man). He did send flowers to me quite often when we were dating but not after we got married..

    Anyway, I don’t mind household gadgets though as presents but must be something I wanted. In fact, I’ve just hinted to him just now that I wanted a Panasonic microwave oven with baking and steaming and grilling functions as christmas present.Hehehe….

    Why don’t you hint to him that you would like flowers to go with the expensive branded items. Hahaha. BTW, hope your Christmas wish comes true. 🙂

  12. For my last bday, i have to tell hubby that i wanted a nokia N82, even that he complain it’s too expensive. After nagging and nagging, I got it finally. haha. we never especially give out presents to each other. only some special dinner for special occasion. we are both food lover.

    We don’t give each other presents either. Sometimes dinner oso donch have. Hahaha.

  13. Next time he forgets the flowers and gives you somethin lame. Wait till the next gift occasion for him and buy him a vaccuum cleaner or a dust-buster or some household item that you need. He might get the hint LOL

  14. Well, my husband gave me a universal remote control last Mother’s Day! hehe! he said, “honey, if you’re not gonna use the remote control, can I just borrow it”. LOL. It sounds like he bought the remote control for himself and not for me! but what touches me most was the letter he gave me together with the remote. It was written beautifully, he recalls the time when we were just lovers, then when we got married and then he thanked me for being a wonderful mom to our kids! that was so sweet of him! I had teary eyes not because of the weird remote control but because of the letter he painstakingly wrote for me! sigh sometimes husbands are funny yet sweet.

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