I am married to a man who loves to DIY around the house. If you put this man in a hardware store for example, he could spend hours browsing in it. I try to smile and listen to him when he is at the hardware store in the same manner that he smiles and nods his head at me when I go into the dressing room to try yet another outfit in the ladies department. 😉

It is probably practical to have a DIY man around. These days its hard to get any electrician, plumber or whatever to come to your house. They will take a long time to come over then charge you a bomb for waiting. Sometimes they don’t even do a satisfactory job but they charge you a bomb anyway.

I will digress a bit here. I read in the book on the Five Love Languages that you must speak to your spouse in their love language. My man’s love language is “Acts of Service” and “Quality Time”. This simply means that he will be thrilled to bits and will feel lots of warmth and love whenever I do things for and together with him. This includes DIY things naturally.

I have to learn to become Mrs DIY otherwise my DIY man becomes very unhappy. He likes me to fix things together with him. Recently, I have added “electrician” as part of my Mrs DIY’s portfolio. I have fixed the plumbing: sinks and WCs, climbed up roofs to fix water tanks, repaired holes in the ceiling with putty, painted walls, fixed the flooring, and recently I learned how to change an electrical plug from two point to three point.

I sometimes sulk when interrupted halfway through reading my trashy women’s magazine to fix the toilet but I will do it anyway because it is his love language. I just hope he doesn’t get me a tool box like the one above for my birthday gift. 😛

Anyone needs to fix anything in their house? My fees are very cheap. lol.

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6 thoughts on “Mrs DIY

  1. Oh MG, u r such a sweet wife, my Man is a DIY man but i just can’t smile and listen to him when he’s trying to explain to me about his tools and jobs he’s going to do and i cant even stand him for browsing in hardware department, i’ll rush him to leave! How bad i am! Gosh, i should set u as an example to be a good wife!

    Thats because he waits for me at the ladies dept even tho he’s bored to tears mah. Hahaha. But I don’t always do this. Sometimes, I “escape” to the household section of the hardware store with the kids or I say “Let me watch the kids while you browse.” then I go and sit down somewhere with the kids and me, all looking bored. Hahaha.

  2. My husband tried to be a DIY man but most the time he fails…hehe.
    But I really salute you MG, you have done alot of DIY job that I dont think I can perform or my husband would allowed me to perform, for eg, climbing up the roof 🙂
    The most I can do is, climb on the ladder to fix the light.

    Well, I didn’t actually get right up to the roof. I just stood shakily on the looooong ladder passing up things. Hahaha.

  3. Wow, salute to you, too..
    I always afraid of electricity things. I never enjoy when hubby explain blah, blah ..about it. I only sit/stand beside him and say some , hmm, oh, yes, ok…haha…but never ‘stay’ long in my head 🙂

    I had no choice cos he was not explaining but doing and I was helping him out. Hahaha.

  4. hehehe…my husband is also like that. he loves the hardware store. however, i am not a Mrs DIY. The most is that I’ll hold the ladder while he climbs up..hhahahaha. You are great, MG…..fixing the plumbing and all *clap clap*

    Sometimes I hold the ladder while he climbs up then he wants to hold the ladder while I climb up so I can take a look as well. lol.

  5. Reckon the best thing you have done for him is to put the language of love to practise. Ahhh….the wonder when we get the right buttons pushed no?

    And doesn’t it make you feel so glad and secure that when the pipe bursts, you don’t have to look far!

    You are right on both counts. 🙂

  6. My hubby also likes to DIY coz he said can save lots of time and money!

    Especially if staying overseas when all those labor charges can kill! So it is always good to know a little on how to fix stuff… 😛

    It IS true that it saves a lot of time and money as well as frustration at times. 😉

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